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Posted on August 18th, 2008
We ended up running errands today, which is how I was hoping the day would go.

Mom and I first stopped at PetSmart, where we picked up a couple of balls and a treat for the bird store's bird dog. The balls were in the counter marked "catnip", but they don't appear to have any of the stuff inside them. Naturally our cats ignored them.

The next stop was Target. We bought all of the storage boxes they had of the size we wanted, another container for the bird seed, some Lean Cuisines and candy. We found a desk that would work, but as it requires two people to safely lift we had no way to get it home, hence we didn't purchase it.

Next up was the sports store. I traded in my 2 pound and 5 pound dumbbells and purchased a pair of 15 pound dumbbells. The pile of 12 to 30 pound dumbbells was in a bit of disarray, so I had to move a bunch of 12's, 20's and a 30 to find a pair of 15's. Once I had my dumbbells, I restacked the others in order (12's next to the 10's, 20's between the 30+). I was correct when I earlier guessed that this next pair wasn't going to be fancy multicolor plastic like the others. They're wrought iron. Also, there's a steep price difference between the plastic and iron weights: my pair of plastic 10's where $0.40 per pound, and the new iron 15's were $1 per pound. Ouch. Oh well, the trade in gave me a few bucks off the price of the 15's. But can you picture buying a pair of 80's ? Yikes.

Lastly we hit the bird store. The bird dog has an inner-ear problem (a reoccurring problem according to the store owner) and was very off-balance, but he still came out to greet everyone.

Shortly after lunch, mom and I repackaged some of the stuff from the boxes in the closet to the new storage boxes.

Later in the day mom found a desk like the one we saw online. We did some measuring and discovered that I could have an additional bookcase between the desk and the wall. Thus we ordered the desk and another bookcase.

All of the furniture we've ordered is due to arrive within the week. Who knew you could revamp a room so quickly?

In other news, since I dropped more weight a little while back it's been kinda painful to sleep on the bed. My gut keeps trying to slide under the ribcage when I breathe. Hence I've been tossing and turning quite a bit to find a comfortable spot. Yesterday we had the bright idea of rotating the mattress 180°. This solved the problem! I had no trouble getting comfortable last night! This means we don't need to get a new bed.

In other other news, I flipped through notes about were Din and Thingy are supposed to end up when completed and I did a couple things to Thingy. Also, Sailor has been reassigned to a more doable idea. Once Thingy is taken care off I'll begin coding Sailor.

Three video links for today:
Here's a waterfall that makes falling water an art form.

The final 'battle' with GLaDOS from Portal is kinda funny. WARNING: SPOILERS

A silly little video, this recites the bizarre cake recipe one of GLaDOS's modules talks about during the 'fight'.

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