Groceries with a side order of news
Posted on August 15th, 2008
We did the biweekly shopping today. Mom and the clerk at the health food store talked about rescuing animals for a bit, and mom and an older guy at the grocery store talked about cars for a bit. The latter was interesting because he was driving a classic Ford that looked like it belonged at a car show instead of the grocery store.

At the grocery store we also procured a number of cardboard boxes. They originally contained Keebler snacks; one of the store's staff was unloading the snacks from these boxes to the shelves. The boxes were just going to be thrown out, so we took them instead. They'll be used to house my various knickknacks while the dressers are gone and before the bookcases are purchased.

Unfortunately we made a little error thanks to the boxes. When we got to the car and put the groceries in the back seat, we discovered that the bag of potatoes had been hidden under the boxes and thus never paid for. So I carried the spuds back into the store and went through another checkout to make right on that error.

We'd picked up a little goodie for the the administration of our apartment building, so when we got home we got it out and carried it over. This got interesting rather fast.

The staff is now moving against the boxer's owner. Long story short, there's dog doo in the hall and in the owner's balcony. Maintenance inspected their apartment, and discovered that the dog is left in a crate too small for it with no food or water during the day while the owner works. In addition, there's damage to the apartment and dog mess everywhere.


The landlord called her while we were in the office. The lady just made excuse and lies without effort:

Landlord: "There is dog poo all over your balcony."
Owner: "No there isn't"
Landlord: "We have pictures."
Owner: "I guess there could be..."

She claimed to be looking for a new place to live and that she didn't like it here anymore. She also claimed to have hired someone to fix the damage. We figure odds are about 1 in 5 she'll ditch and leave the dog behind, and 1 in 1 that nobody has been hired.

On FFC there's a topic about how evil people and demons share goals and mindsets. I'm not the one to throw the first stone, but I sure do know who I'm gonna aim for first!

Shortly after dinner I wrote out part 2 of the rant about web comics.

The rest of the day (what little there was of it) I spent resizing images.

I don't have any new links worth a look today, but I could always plug a web comic I actually read on a regular basis: One small step for man, one odd ride for the readers. Features shapesifter pornography.

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