Big changes around the corner
Posted on August 12th, 2008
Many of the things that happened today involve either plans for major changes or were major changes.

I completed Din's next version to the point where the benchmarks can be run. Obviously there were a few bugs that got in the way at first, but it's capable of being benchmarked now. The new version is just as fast as 0.3p, which hails from early June, so the changes in variable handling didn't slow it down or speed it up. The task now is to recreate the instruction set used by Din 0.2a or as much of it as possible. After that the fancy new instructions can be added.

I spent time working on Thingy3; hardening it in some places and developing a strategy to harden other parts of it.

Both Gold and Metal were looked over, with Metal getting a design that actually stands a chance of working and Gold merely getting reviewed.

My room is rather cramped as the bed takes up the majority of the floor space. Mom and I spent time talking about improving it, with the final plan being to completely redo the room: new pictures and new furniture. When this apartment complex was built, the bedrooms were solely for sleeping and the living room for living. Nowadays, we're trying to both live and sleep in the bedrooms. The furniture needs to reflect this. This is a major change that won't happen immediately, but it will happen over time. Moving the exercise stuff to an out of the way corner was a start in the right direction.

Mom put it this way: "I have a kid's room; what I need is an adult's room". And no, the toys and stuffed animals aren't leaving.

In other news, Klondike bars now have a Reese's Peanut butter cup variety. It's good, but unlike the normal bars, it makes one thirsty.

Today's link is a dip in Medieval understanding: The Four Temperaments

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