The day wears on
Posted on August 8th, 2008
The day began too early for me; I managed to get only about 5 hours of sleep during the night.

I spent the day working on getting back up to speed about my projects. If I focus on something else (like a reformat) for a day or two I lose track of what's been done and what needs to be done.

Overall, time flowed very slowly today; it seemed like today was several days long.

One of the things I did while taking a short break earlier was look over a manga comic called Free Collars Kingdom. This one had promise, but was badly handled. According to the story early on, cats of the world see themselves as nekomimi, wear clothes, walk about and talk much like the cast of Kitty Kitty Fancia. Their owners (and humans period) simply see them as regular cats of various breeds. Like Fancia, the story follows Scotty (a Scottish Fold cat girl) and her adventures out in the human's world.

Then she got a job as a clerk at the super market. That's right: she got a job standing behind a register at a store. A cat got a job giving humans their change and ringing up their purchase. If that's not dispelling your sense of disbelief enough, later on there's a kidnapping followed by a car chase with the "cats" driving race cars whilst wearing helmets. What the furry heck happened to the comic's original premise?!

According to Wikipedia, this story eventually builds into a plot to enslave all mankind, destroy the world, get the girl, come to terms with being neutered (I'm not making that up) and they would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids and their dog!

Epic Fail.

This also explains why the 3 volume set is about $25 on Amazon. NEW.

Some of the other things that happened today weren't so pleasant.

The A/C wouldn't turn on. Thus it got rather stuffy and about 82°F in the apartment. Late this evening, dad performed some percussive maintenance on the unit and it came back on. No idea if it'll stay on. We called the office, so they know about it and may check it this year.

The other thing is that we over heard some choice comments from the neighbors across the hall. They were musing about getting a dog. After all, they've seen people with dogs about, and rather than check the lease (which says CATS ONLY) they assume dogs are allowed.

Simply put, they get a dog, we'll break the lease. Period. We moved here because dogs aren't allowed.

Dad was still at Jury Duty today; the trial ended, so his service is over. In the meantime, one of the places he works called asking why he wasn't there. He called off due to Jury Duty YESTERDAY. The twits running the schedule were SOL on this.

Today's links:
Here's two episodes of a very odd old cartoon show. Ep 1, Ep 2. You can thank HollyAnn for those links.

Mom took a look at Kitty Kitty Fancia earlier and stated that it was virtually porn. With the exception of "Transformation", I disagree. I just don't find the poses or the character's bare bums "erotic". One of the characters, Judy, is very outgoing and clearly lesbian; here's her response to the full moon effect. (Yes, that's an official Yonkoma comic...) Her take on it works for me.

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