Programs and Pizza
Posted on August 7th, 2008
I spent the day getting everything reinstalled. In some cases I ended up with new versions of programs; instead of backing up installation programs I typically download the newest copy when reinstalling. However a fancy driver I needed was backed up so I was able to install it despite the fact I couldn't find it via Google (I forgot the driver's name, hence the problem finding it).

Dinner was a pizza party. We ordered ahead of time and then at 5:20 PM dad and I went to the clubhouse to pick up the food. A nice feature of the clubhouse is the Pizza Night Thursdays; a local pizzaria brings the food, the residents buy it. Placing an order ahead of time ensures you'll get what you want -- otherwise the pizza guy might not have it.

This was our first time trying this service. Naturally that means there was a blunder. The pizza guy arrives at 6:00 PM, so we ended up waiting for nearly an hour before we got the pizza. In the meantime, the landlord provided some amusing conversation -- including a loony phone call to mom.

One of the things we learned was that the vandalism to the car in the parking lot was done by friends of the car's owner using Window Chalk. It's just a silly prank between friends and not a worrisome criminal act.

As for the food, I've had better pizza; it was still good, just there's better out there for the price (Domino's and Papa John's for examples). We also overkilled on the joes. If you're not familiar with joes, they are basically very thickly cut French Fries with one big change in the recipe: they are coated in the batter used for the fried chicken prior to being fried. You get a crunchy outside with a soft and slightly gooy center. We ordered 3 sides of joes. One for each of us. However it turns out that you get a lot of joes in an order of 12 piece fried chicken. Thus we have joes out the ying-yang.

Dad also put hot sauce on the Atomic chicken wings, but everyone saw that coming.

During the evening a thunderstorm rolled in. Judging by the radar, another one is about to hit.

Today's link of the day is an old journal entry of mine from back in 2006. Humorious quiz results.

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