General Disorder meet Major Pain
Posted on August 5th, 2008
Today was spent sorting more of the many files downloaded from the chan boards and altering Din's code with the solution from yesterday.

It's not real surprising that having many thousands of files on the drive is problematic. As they are deleted and re-saved by the image resizing tool, things get a bit messier than they were before. I started up the defragging program but then canceled it as I suddenly had a better idea. I spent a lot of time RARing large groups of files. Once packed in a RAR archive, I deleted the originals and moved the archive to another partition. Instead of having large groups of files with their data spread all over the drive at random I now have a few files that are stored in just one spot.

The code for Din isn't done yet, so I've know idea if it will actually work worth a damn or not.

On another note I may have found a way to tie Project Rainbow and Project Parcae together. For the curious, Project Parcae is basically a site with original fiction based on both my dreams (circa 1998-present) and a healthy dose of mythology inspired tales. Notably, the vast majority of Project Parcae's focus will be an Earth like planet that has yet to grasp space travel and my dreamworld's unique brand of magic. Project Rainbow is a Yonkoma webcomic about four quasi-human (not Furry) maids and their daily lives. I can place the comic's setting in Parcae's planet of interest without altering either project. Nifty in'it?

Links for today:
Daily What the Failure is a site about the IT industry's more sick and twisted topics. For example, there's a whole section for programming code so poorly done or so perverse that nobody can fathom what the original programmer was inebriated with, let alone why they wrote the code like that.

Learning how to party hard didn't involve important things like dosages.

A study finds that unhealthy food is often claimed to be healthy in commercials. Technically it's not false advertising as sugar is low fat. The article even comes with a lovely shot of someone horking down soggy corn flakes.

This last link is more dangerous than sugar. While working my way through the links I gathered from the chan boards I found Kitty Kitty Fancia. This is a comic series that's likely to cause tooth decay. Note that there is some innuendo and adult topics; it's more of a PG-13 than G in some spots.

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