New roads, new road blocks
Posted on July 30th, 2008
Today was largely a quiet one. There were two small thunderstorms during the day, but that was it. Mom somehow injured herself in the afternoon and spent the rest of the day hobbling in pain. Hopefully that goes away overnight, which is what she thinks will happen.

I spent some time fussing over Din, and ended up at an annoying conclusion. It looks like the best way to go about fixing a problem with the variable handling is the recode it from scratch. It figures: up till now things had been moving smoothly.

Recently I've decided to sanitize the internet I surf. This worked for one of the sites I view from time to time, so I'm going to assume it'll work for some of the other sites I visit too. The idea is download everything that may be of interest, sort out the downloaded files and never return to site. The target of this plan is the chan boards I've been lurking at. It's taken about a month, but I've downloaded all of the images on all but one of the boards I'm after. That was no small task; about 20,000 images were downloaded so far. However, I need to stop and sort/resize these images as they are taking up 25% of the hard drive. Today while downloading one of the boards, I noticed there were many links to archive files with yet more images of interest. I grabbed several, but I just saved the URLs for the rest. I need to clear up some room before I download those.

I've already sorted about 1,650 files. That image resizing program of mine is rather useful. Of course, this is the kind of mass processing that I designed it for, so it's doing it's job well. A small snag was that I discovered that files with Japanese symbols in their filename won't work with it. Renaming the files solves that problem.

Also, the "never return" step of that plan is new; I still visit the site I mirrored originally, I just look at the RSS feed and only view an image once. If it's keepable it gets added to my cache. Otherwise I'll avoid seeing it again.

I'm debating about going after VCL in this fashion. That would be quite the feat, and I dunno if I can store all of those images or not.

Lastly, it turns out there was a big drug bust at our building the other day. Four police cars were involved. We didn't notice; we were more concerned about the dogs and stayed inside.

Links for today:
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