A grand day out
Posted on July 28th, 2008
This morning we woke to discover that someone has spray painted Anarchy symbols, peckers, "Your Mom", and "Punx not dead" on the windshield and windows of someone's car. Charming.

The rest of the morning and a good chunk of the afternoon was spent running errands.

Mom's decided to try and face her fear of dogs to a limited degree. Earlier I sent her an abridged guide to what is and what is not threatening dog behavior. After reading that over she felt that braving the local Petsmart might help slowly desensitize her to dogs. We made it through Petsmart without encountering any dogs, and we picked up the cat food and cat treats we were looking for as well as a little goodie for the bird store's resident bird dog.

Mom is not a afraid of the bird store's dog, and she'll talk to and pet it. She'll also bring it a goodie once in a while.

We picked up more birdseed and a large bird bath. This metal bath will replace the pie dish we've currently been using to give the birds some relief from the heat.

Next stop was Target, where we picked up some random things and a bunch of Lean Cuisines.

After that we went to the nursery to collect some flowers to replace the dying flowers on the balcony. By the by, the flowers on the balcony are dying of natural causes: they've lived a month beyond their expected lifespan already. We got a bunch of mums. A bunch of all-purpose animals were nowhere to be found.

Mom then had a bright idea. The nursery is right next to a drive-in diner we used to frequent. Now that my blood pressure is under control, we can visit it again! So we had lunch there. I had a pair of foot long chili dogs and a large root beer served in a frosty glass mug. This was the first time I've ever had a chili dog. Delish.

You can also see how easy I can be influenced by cartoons; in the past I always ordered regular foot long hot dogs. I was introduced to Sonic the Hedgehog in March. Now I'm getting chili dogs. Not much of a coincidence.

I spent much of my evening trying to get sound API working under Linux. Ultimately I failed. The best bet was a package for Lazarus, but it doesn't compile. I guess for now the Linux population will have to WINE my apps if they want to hear the sound effects.

Links for today (most of which involve dogs):
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This very sleepy puppy is having trouble propping up its head


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