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Posted on July 25th, 2008
I spent today thinking about Thingy again. Earlier on in the day I decided to look my concerns in the face. Since I can't defend my site against the exploits I'm concerned about, I went and attempted them. I didn't aim to actually cause trouble; I was simply proving that these attacks were possible. Turns out, they aren't possible on this server. I tried a dozen ways and was blocked at each turn. So everything I want should be doable after all!

I also looked around online for apartments and condos in the area that can equal or better the current apartment. Guess what: this apartment is the only one in the area that meets our requirements. We might just be stuck here.

During the afternoon I reread my journal entries from the move. A year ago today (July 25th) we got internet access installed and I posted my first message online. That message? Don't eat a pound of jalapeno potato chips in one go.

In other news, I took a shower this evening. Whilst nude, I saw myself in the bathroom mirror. I realized just how much of an effect the diet and exercise has had. I can see where my ribcage ends and my abs begin without sucking in the gut now!

Tomorrow's the wedding. The current forecast is that the thunderstorms will be over by the time the wedding begins.

Links for today:
A 70 year old becomes a mother of twins, raising concerns about invetro and ethics.

A 5-year old that knows what he wants and a Day Care that needs a slap.

A plane made an emergency landing because it depressurized due to a 3 meter wide hole.

On a happy note:
Journey At the Center of the Earth
Cool medical demo reel
Beaker performs Ode to Joy

The famous There She Is! cartoon series got expanded today with the release of the third installment. The homepage is here; thanks to their site design a direct link isn't possible. Click to change to menu to English, then "amalloc". The rest should be self-explanatory.

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