Difficult day
Posted on September 1st, 2007
Today was the biweekly shopping. It's also a holiday weekend, so the store was quite crowded. We ended up buying so much food that it took three trips to get it all from the car and into the apartment. The shopping cart we purchased made these trips a lot easier than they were with the laundry hamper.

After we got home I attempted to work on my projects. I've been using benchmarks to better the code for Fur and Faith, so on a whim I tested the blog software with them. And was rather dismayed. You see, my test server serves raw HTML pages at a speed of 350 requests per second. The code for Fur and Faith flies by at 308 requests per second. The blog software crawls along at 57 requests per second. I spent most of the evening trying to figure out how to speed that code up. The fastest I reached was 180 requests per second -- about half the top speed of the server. I'll try again tomorrow, though I may have to settle for 180 requests per second since the database code is the main thing dragging it down.

I took a look at Kuiperhack, and decided that I need to work on mapping out common areas. The design for this game has really been rather complex, and I wasn't expecting that. To help get some bearings on what is where on a space station I downloaded a map of both Babylon 5 and NCC-1701-D. Granted I'll be looking to So You Wanna Build a Rocket? for additional pointers, but those maps should be of use.

Around 9:00 PM mom decided to fix a bunch of things that had been damaged in the move. In the end one of them refused to stick to the glue and she'd super glued two of her fingers together. I found a site about getting super glue off flesh (apparently a common problem) and took its advice. It turned out that nail polish remover breaks the chemical bonds and removes the glue.

Two additional links for today are an old and new favorite. Earlier I was reminded of MAME Jump and looked it back up. The new favorite is a comic I ran across about fish called 95 Gallons. Them guppies aren't all that bright.

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