Quiet day
Posted on July 20th, 2008
Today was pretty calm and quiet. I spent the earlier part of the day working out some things for Project Thingy. I also tweaked Din and worked on the finer points of Project Metal.

During the evening I did my usual exercises, and the cycle was squeaking badly again. So I added oil. Problem: the cycle was now jamming and squeaking like I was stomping on a mouse. Not good. I ended up looking through the manual and I noticed the metal clips holding the mechanism sealed away from prying eyes (and repair access) was a standard clip design. The manual lists the part by name, so I googled that name and found a page that mentioned how to remove them.

With some brute force and proper allocation of hemostats (the site used nose hair clippers and I don't have any of those) I'd popped both clips off and was in the mechanism. The mechanism was rather disgusting; there was gunk built up everywhere and a black coffee grind like crap was over everything. I wiped the parts clean and then rebuilt the cycle. In order to replace the clips I needed to use a monkey wrench. The cycle now feels like it did back when I bought it last March. I didn't oil it again; I'm not sure that was a good idea.

In other news we haven't seen the boxer for a while, though the owner's car has been going to and fro.

During the evening I looked up a "How long will you live?" quiz I've taken before. That is, before I started working out. It used to say my life expectancy was 65. Now it's saying 79. If this is correct, I've added 14 more years of life to my stay on Earth just by working out 15 minutes a day.

Also, I may move up a weight size in August. The different exercises I'm doing are making me more comfortable with the current size dumbbells. I wonder what color the 15 pound dumbbells will be. My 2 pound dumbbells are pink, the 5 pounders are purple and the 10 pounders are black. Who knows? I might be moving out of kiddie weights and into the nifty cast iron professional ones.

My only link for today is the Longevity game. When will you die?

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