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Posted on July 18th, 2008
The morning was filled with the biweekly shopping. This turned out to be a rather large shopping, requiring two shopping carts to get everything from the checkout to the car. Oddly, the small folding cart I use to get things to the apartment only took two trips to get everything up to the fifth floor.

The only two things worth noting about the store was a type of jam I spotted but didn't get (for reasons that will be obvious in a moment) and the cashier.

The jam was notable be the jar was somewhat small for jam. The label revealed why: while normal jams are made of berries or fruit this jam was made from hot peppers and has a scoville rating of 5,000. Yum-o.

The cashier was a young woman we've never seen before at the checkout. She had to call another staff member over to ring up mom's painkiller, so she wasn't yet 21. What I noticed was that she looked much like Nodwick. I also noticed a third of a second later that such a remark isn't exactly a compliment. Her packing job was notable for being very un-henchmen like (ie, it sucked), so the resemblance was only skin deep. I had to creatively repack stuff to get it in the folding cart without damaging anything. I almost succeeded; the heavyweight-with-lightweight packing style of hers crushed the chocolate milk I'd picked up, causing it to burst its seal and make a small mess. Ultimately only about 10% of the confection was squeezed out.

On the way back in we spotted a group of geese taking a casual walk. This is the first such sight in months. This also means that there's flora and fauna that'll eat the boxer. Speaking of whom, that group's van never returned to the lot today. Either they parked in another part of the lot outside our range of snooping or they really did never come back.

However, if it's too good to be true it probably is.

After lunch I fussed with the computer to try and push a bit more performance out of it and I eventually succeeded. Now there's no 3-5 minute span of unresponsiveness when I close the Lenny VM. Overall it's much more responsive.

The last five hours were a bit tense as dad was in a bad mood. An online order of his messed up and in trying to fix it one thing after another happened until finally mom stopped him from belting out our bank account information to someone on the phone. Although mom ended up resolving that, dad remained wired and worked up from that point on. It seems to be a self-fulfilling prophecy that when he orders anything online it's a bloody fight as that has been the case quite a few times.

In other news, I had a very interesting dream this morning. In fact, it was so interesting I've decided to scrap the current plan for Project Metal and turn Project Metal into the dream more or less.

I woke up from that dream because mom screamed "Oh My God!" in reality. I didn't know I could snap awake from an external stimulus that quickly. It turns out that an elder brother of an old friend -- the same friend that lost his younger brother in a car accident a year or so ago -- died recently. I was unaware of an older brother. The obituary shows that his mother has married yet again and begotten two more siblings. Oddly, his older sister was not mentioned at all in the obit. A quick Google search turns up someone with the same first and last name, but it states she graduated from college in 1972. As she was in the same school we were in (abet in a higher grade), this can't be her. Of course, Bizarro world option (her getting a sex change and thus being the older brother in the obit) doesn't work age wise either. Curious.

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