Today in breifs, tomorrow sans boxers
Posted on July 17th, 2008
Today was a bit of a roller coaster. It began with the trip to the bank to get the papers signed. This means the house is now officially sold to the new owners. That's right: the white elephant has been transferred to another sap.

Mom, being terrified of the asshole's dog, wanted to use an exit other than the norm to try and avoid the dog coming home from its morning walkies. I went with her. Frankly it turned out the exit we'd picked was frequented by a rather large dog -- big paw prints all over the landings and stairs on the first and second floors. So to avoid the fire we'd jumped in the furnace. Charming.

We arrived at the bank about 10 minutes before it opened, so we waited in the car. A couple of other people did the same. Around opening time, a woman exited her car and began heading to the bank. Mom thought this might be the notary from the other firm. Since there was no information on how to identify the notary or for the notary to identify us, mom got out and hurried over. At this point the notary did something simple and easily missed, but rather important. Instead of continuing towards the bank, she turned and headed back to her car. Self-defense 101 in practice: All the notary knew was that a stranger has exited a parked car and is approaching her quickly. By returning to her car, she just voided step #3 in the stages of violent crime -- now the notary isn't as vulnerable as she was moments ago. She may have a gun or a phone in the car, not to mention she can drive away; suddenly the level of risk for the attacker has skyrocketed.

Mom called out her name, and thus introductions were made and we all entered the bank.

While going over the papers with the notary it was discovered that the bean-counters got the figures wrong yet again. Thus the notary spent some time on the phone with the twits to straighten everything out.

As we were getting up from there I spotted our landlord. He was over in line for the tellers. A brief "It's a small world after all" moment was had, and we got busy with the agent handling the $10K loan needed to sell our house. That's right WE needed to pay to sell the house -- we sold at a loss.

After finishing it up there we drove back to the apartment's offices and signed a new lease. This one's good for July 2008-2009.

We dropped dad off and parked at an unusual side of our building. Mom was afraid to park in the normal spot and enter the building due to the boxer. Since we wanted to hit the Hunan place for lunch we needed to do something for an hour.

Mom wanted me to run up to the apartment and get a few things so she could make out the grocery list in the car and then we'd do the biweekly shopping. I declined as my legs and hips were really aching this morning and I couldn't see my legs holding out through the store and hauling in all of the groceries. This did not make mom happy.

I suggested we stop at the health food store and get chicken. Mom didn't like that as she didn't think it'd kill an hour. Instead she wanted to go up to the apartment, kill an hour and then go back out, but was terrified that she'd have to leave again. After some dramatics, we entered the building from that side.

Just within the building we ran into one of the maintenance men, so we stopped and talked for a bit. That bit brought us to about 25 minutes to lunch time. Hence my idea of getting chicken won out.

The health food store carries very little that I consider edible, but the chicken from there is cheap and cooks properly, so it'll be a regular stop. We picked up more Nutella, some chicken, ham salad, chicken salad and a cookies and cream cake.

By this point mom was in a better mood, though it seemed more of an act than genuine. The cake was for the people in the apartment's office. Now that the house sold, it's time to celebrate, and that includes the staff!

The next stop was the Hunan take out, which was featuring all new staff. Instead of fighting the language barrier we were simply asked to use a pen and circle on a paper menu what we'd like to order. This worked, and we left with the goodies.

The next stop was to deliver the cake to the surprised staff and then we returned home to our small feast. My order was to the point: chicken nuggets, beef sticks and fried dumplings. By this point, mom seemed to genuinely be in a good mood. I ended up saving one of things I ordered for later. If I'd shut up for a moment during the meal I'd have eaten it while it was still warm.

I spent the evening fussing with Din. Now the 0.2a core is translated to the 0.3p branch. Granted, some of the 0.2a functions are depreciated and not present in 0.3p . Deal with it. Everything compiles, but as expected there's more work to be done. Namely functions are still disabled, the error system isn't setup and the new 0.3p functions have yet to be written.

The mail wasn't there when I went to get it at the usual time, so I went again much later. Per usual I took the nearby stairs. When I reached the landing between the 4th and 3rd floors the 4th floor door banged and then flew open as the boxer and his owner launched into the stairwell. She was trying to control the dog who was easily half her size if not more and yelling "NO!" and "STOP IT!" over and over as it flailed about. I hurried down the stairs, and ended up reaching the bottom a good floor or two before them. Contrary to what I've seen from the apartment window, that dog is BIG. It was also within 10 feet of me. That surprise left me a bit shaken.

The lease for this building clearly reads "cats only". However, she's allowed to have a dog because it's an Emotional Support Animal, which is more or less a fancy term for "My doctor said I could have a doggie, so NYAH". There's another Emotional Support Dog in this building, however that dog is about the size of my shoe and is often seen wearing a jacket akin to the jackets worn by seeing eye dogs. This boxer's an annoyance to many residents, including us, and has yet to be seen in such a jacket. Also, she has a husband and son; why is an "Emotional Support Animal" of any kind needed?

Allegedly she's got mental problems hence the dog. She also works.

I've got mental problems too -- I've been declared unfit for working conditions by two psychiatrists. Can I have a Marmaduke as an "Emotional Support Animal"?

This incident basically resulted in the resumption of an old topic. Namely the "should we move or stay because some asshole near us can't control their dog?" discussion.

Anyway, late in the day I was looking through exercise videos on YouTube to try and figure out what's wrong with one of the exercises I've been doing. It's always felt wrong, but I've never compared my way of doing it to the way anyone else does it. It's like night and day. Nobody does it my way, but they all do it the same way. Their way doesn't feel strange. That will improve the worst 10 reps of my daily workout significantly.

Tomorrow's the biweekly shopping.

Today's three links:
MySpace: just another way to shine the light on trash.

Do not meddle in the affairs of techies, for we are very to the point when we retaliate.

Four very odd cars are shown in this video. They're kinda cool, but their crash-test ratings must suck.

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