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Posted on July 16th, 2008
I ended up using the icon I'd planned to use but for reasons other than why I was going to use it.

The neighbors decided to have a loud party during the night again, despite being quiet for so long. This is disappointing. Even they have to sleep sometime, but we've yet to figure out when that time is.

Those bean-counters tried to give mom the run around today and got their hair trimmed at the neckline as a result. They were a lot more efficient after that.

The people with the boxer lost control of the thing while the husband walked it. The leash slipped from his hand. I had mom's reaction to dogs down as a fantasy or some such, but now things are really getting out of hand (pun not intended) and I'm with her. The people that own the boxer are assholes, and are best treated as such. We have places to go, people to see, cuisine to ingest! We can't let trash trap us in the building!

Userfriendly was quite a mess today. One of the people I liked got disabled for reigniting fight from yesterday and got perma-banned for creating a new account to continue posting after the disablement. Even better, when another user stood up and called it an unfair ban, HE was banned. The remainder of the day was fallout from this.

My mouse broke this evening. The scroll wheel scrolls things down fine, but it can't be used to scroll up. No matter how much the wheel turns, nothing will scroll up. This happens is any program, so it's not Firefox. New mouse ordered.

On the plus side I figured out how to make MS Paint produce the results I wanted, so I don't need to code the utility I was planning on working on today. I couldn't coax GIMP to produce similar results however.

Tomorrow begins very early to go sign papers. And with signing these papers the house is sold. To celebrate we're hitting the Hunan.

Lastly, Simon's Cat 3 is out.

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