Well that was fun
Posted on July 15th, 2008
Today was crazy. How crazy was it UGuardian? So crazy I've referred to myself in third person!

We've had our house on the market since last year. Currently a couple are in the process of buying it. The problem is the company they are using to make this deal. Their real estate agent is an Idiot with a capital I, and their bean-counters seem unable to calculate closing costs. For example they want the final city water and sewer bills yet inspected the WELL and SEPTIC TANK (very obvious hints that there will never be a city water or sewage bill). The agent nearly sabotaged the deal by (presumably without his client's knowledge) giving our people an ultimatum that we jump now or the deal is off -- a bit of a problem since most of the papers are signed by both parties and the buyers (his clients) want to start moving things into the house they're buying! I can see why our Realtor hates working with that firm (something she was up front about when the deal began).

Today was phone tag with an usually large dose of incompetence. Tomorrow may be more of the same. If so, I know exactly what icon I'll use.

I spent the day listening to the above, working with Din's core and playing Lemmings. You'd be surprised at how much work I get done by playing games -- I may be playing a game but my mind will likely be somewhere else. At one point it became apparent that Project Phoenix is going to require an image editor to support it. The other option is to use several programs in shifts to get the desired effects, and some of those programs would have to be written by me anyway, so a full blown editor makes more sense.

Tomorrow I'll be bracing for impact, coding more of Din's core, playing more Lemmings, composing a simple but useful editor and maybe starting Project Metal.

In the meantime y'all can watch this animated interview with John Lennon: I met the walrus

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