Today was a workout
Posted on July 14th, 2008
Most of my computer time today was spent working with Din. Some of the time was spent playing Lemmings, but mainly I worked on Din's core library.

Since we're running out of litter Dad stopped and picked up a 35 pound tub of the stuff. Unfortunately it was the red Tidy Cats, which we've had trouble with though I didn't remember the specifics at the time. I hauled that tub up from the car when I went to get the mail. Shortly after dinner mom opened it and filled the litter tray with the new litter. A little while later mom began having trouble breathing and a good old fashioned histamine reaction. At this point I sagely remembered that the problem with the red formula is that mom's allergic to it.

We made a late run to the store where we bought the blue formula and some snackies for later as one can't simply go to the store and not buy goodies. Upon getting home I dumped the litter tray in to a hefty trash bag and hauled that down to the waste shoot while mom asked the neighbors if they could use the rest of the red stuff.

Thus I tend moved the red litter to its new home across the hall.

Included in the red litter's tub was a sample of Purina's Party Mix. It's kind of odd to get treats with the litter, but I guess they want to encourage use of their litter. The treats turned out to be a smash hit, so we'll be keeping an eye out for them.

Three links to welcome Tuesday:
An old faithful gets a greener redesign, much to some clumsy people's dismay.

Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue and some days you should pay attention to the Clearance Warning.

The featured article on Wikipedia today is about a painting. I've seen numerous people using some of the surreal art as their userpics on LiveJournal and thanks to this article I finally got to see the entire work and read up on it. It's the Garden of Earthly Delights. Using four panels it tells the story of creation, fall, decay and ultimately Judgment. By contrast the Garden of Delight was the 9th Thundercats episode in which Tigra teaches us that mind-altering substances are fun.

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