Somewhat odd day
Posted on July 10th, 2008
Today seems to have come and gone. I was starting to wake up when the buzzer went off, which started my day off with a start.

I spent the next few hours just doing the usual start of the day routine. Around 2:30 PM I discovered that the water was off. It came back on half an hour later.

After doing the day's exercises, I went to get the mail. As I got ready to go mom was cleaning the bird feeders and flipped part of one of them off the balcony. Thus I went and plucked it out of the mud before I got the mail.

Our downstairs neighbor was talking to someone near the mailbox, so I paused and asked if he'd gotten the cookies I left on his doorknob yesterday. He did, and I resumed getting the mail.

In the mail was a card stating that a package of ours was delivered to the clubhouse, so I headed out to the clubhouse (mail and bird feeder part in hand).

At the clubhouse I talked with another neighbor and the landlord for a moment and picked up the package.

On the way back I took the stairs on that side of the building and walked across our floor instead of walking through the lobby and directly up to our apartment. The stairs at that end of the building are cleaner than ours, probably due to the lack of troublemakers at that end of the building.

I spent some time cleaning up Necros Cavern and thought about how to go about Din's completion and clean up, but that's pretty much it for my day.

Mom tried some unhulled sunflower seeds in the feeders (as it's cheaper than the already cracked seed). The results were rather sad. None of the birds ate the shelled seed; it appears that few of them know they're supposed to hull the seed. This is rather possible as most of the birds at our feeders have been eating at these feeders all of their lives. The doves were very despondent and acted like their world just collapsed. Mom refilled the feeders with what little of the hulled seed we have left and everyone went about business as usual, as if the Big Black Seed Catastrophe was over. Looking online, we found that most of the birds we get aren't able to crack plain sunflower seed like we have. We need to get a type of oiled sunflower seed; the oil weakens the seed's hull making it much easier to crack.

We might run the errand tomorrow.

In the meantime scientists are busy collecting cow farts.

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