Busy and productive day
Posted on July 9th, 2008
Shortly after I got up mom and I ran some errands. These errands were a simple and small grocery shopping and a stop at the pharmacy to get some things refilled. While we were out a black car with the Punisher's logo on the side passed us. Nice decal huh?

While we were at the pharmacy we picked up a tin of butter cookies. On the way up to the apartment I hung the bag containing the cookies and a card on the downstairs neighbor's doorknob. We'd been thinking of stopping over with cookies for a while and since I accidentally upended the birdbath on him yesterday we had reason to say "er sorry!".

Lunch was a grilled Chicken Tuscon sandwich, a snickers bar and a Diet Mt. Dew.

After lunch mom got sidetracked with the computer and didn't get anything put away. I went to get a drink and found the frozen dinners and dairy creamer lukewarm on the counter, so I shoved them in the fridge quickly. Computers are so good at giving people ADD.

The remainder of my day was spent passing the time waiting for Debian Testing (Lenny) to download. It took several hours (650 MB at 60 kbps takes forever) but it downloaded. I installed it to a virtual machine shortly thereafter and got Lazarus set up on it. I also compiled a small test project on it to see if it behaved differently under Linux. It doesn't, so several of my projects just got a kick start, notably Project Phoenix and Din.

During the time the distro downloaded and was installing I did a good deal of thinking about Project Metal, fleshing it out to a fair degree. I also made notes about Project Phoenix on the guess that Lazarus wouldn't do anything weird under Linux.

I've lost yet more weight; I'm down to 210 pounds. I tried taking my blood pressure and got a high result, so I'll try again tomorrow. It's most likely due to drinking the Mt. Dew only a short while prior to taking it, so once the Dew's run its course things should go back to normal.

My immediate plan for the near future is simple: get both Necros Cavern and Din ready to release and send 'em off. Necros Cavern's GUI version isn't going to be included in this next release, but it'll be uploaded in a release of its own later on.

Links for today:
Some antiques aren't very antiquey.

All Star Little League game canceled because it'll be harmful to their widdle self esteems. Seesh; stop playing with your balls and grow a pair already!

Judge recommends Jack Thompson be PERMANENTLY disbarred with no appeals. It's somewhat ironic that video games destroyed his life.

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