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Posted on July 7th, 2008
Yesterday I was thinking about how long it had been since I last did maintenance on this computer. Thus I decided to spend today running Spybot and the antivirus. However, since I needed to upgrade AVG to the new version I decided to dump it for something else. Lately AVG has been the target of many complaints, several of which I've come to agree with. For example, version 8.0 came out for some time before the free version of 8.0 arrived, Grisoft has been making it trickier to find and download the free version and since 7.5 or so the antivirus' window displays banner ads for Grisoft products. They don't really want people to use the free version it seems, despite the fact that they are committed to protecting people's computers. The current hot free antivirus is Avast! antivirus.

So I uninstalled AVG and installed Avast. One big surprise I got when I had it scan the drives for malware was that it identified an old Win95 era prank program I've stashed away on the drive as a joke/hoax malware program. AVG never batted a digital eye. It seems Avast is much more through.

During the day I noticed that Free Pascal and Lazarus are about to release a new version of their respective programs. I installed the Free Pascal release candidate in a virtual machine and tried it out. It couldn't find its files and was unable to compile a simple Hello World program. Charming. On the other hand I'm going to wait and see what the new Lazarus has to offer before making any final decisions about toolkits.

The Christian forum I'm on has been MIA since Sunday morning. Nobody has a clue about what's going on, though today several other members started asking around. I'm suspicious that the forum was hacked and the server's contents deleted -- a common attack for phpbb forums and the phpbb forum we used was copyright 2005 (not exactly up to date and thus vulnerable).

Aside from a large spider sending me on merry chase an hour or so ago and mom baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies nothing much happened today.

Links for today:
ICANN, the group in charge of the internet naming scheme, lost control of its own domains earlier. I guess ICANN't has cheezburger.

I like to think that the truly insane live in mental wards, but every so often I'm reminded that they actually just work for the government.

Lastly a family with disruptive kids was not permitted to continue their flight.


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