Happy 4th!
Posted on July 4th, 2008
I spent today, like much of the past few weeks, working with Din. To my surprise (and delight) I have it running a script faster than Python can run an identical script! It's still slower than a compiled binary program, but only by 20 to 50 milliseconds. I doubt I can get it to go faster, though I want to see if I can just make some of the code easier to read without slowing it down.

Due to scheduling problems, we're holding the big July 4th party (just burgers, fries, root beer and chips; nothing fancy) tomorrow evening.

Earlier mom was asking about Rick Rolling, as she'd yet to run across this fad. So I emailed her links to the actual Rick Astley video and the Wikipedia article. And because I'm a smartass I labeled the link to the Wikipedia article "Video" and the link to the music video "Wikipedia Article". So effectively I've managed to Rick Roll my mother. Also, as a direct result I've had Never Gonna Give You Up stuck in my head all day.

In the early morning my parents were talking about mom's reaction to dogs. They ended up doing some searching online which yielded a useful fact: many, if not most dog attack victims have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD matches her extreme response. I've been saying that something more than just fear was going on, and that something more seems to be PTSD.

When I was writing yesterday's entry I realized that the lecture she'd given me was loaded with logical fallacies. Everything in that rant ignored my claim and refuted or attacked something else. Two examples were when she accused me of "just being mean" (ad hominem) and when she affirmed that having dogs here IS against the rules (I never claimed it wasn't, hence strawman). This pretty much confirmed my position that something other than fear was going on. My guess was attention seeking, pity parties or drama queening. PTSD fits the bill better however as mom has a history of rejecting those three things and it fits Occam's Razor better than any of them.

In other news, I'm keeping this article handy for the next discussion about us Yanks being morons. Those Britains aren't doing much better. FYI: in the US you call 911 for emergencies. In the UK it's 999.

Here are 41 things that Doctors don't tell their patients. However, if you live with someone in the medical profession, you'll be greeted with most of these and many more every damn morning.

Lastly, even if you didn't see fireworks in person you can still enjoy the show online. Shock and Awe.

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