Rule #1 of hiding: don't act suspiciously
Posted on July 1st, 2008
Rule #2 of hiding: don't have a three way in public.

I knew last night was going to be a bundle of fun when someone rang our apartment at half-past midnight. Late night buzzing like that has been pretty uniform in heralding troubles with the neighbors.

So when I turned in I did so ready to get right back up.

Around 3:15 I heard a woman scream. Naturally I jumped up and looked out the window. I was just in time to see these rejects run for the building. We'd seen them out and about with one of the neighbors around 2:00; I didn't see the girl, so Rule #2 might just be "don't have gay sex in public". Either way, what morons.

Not long after that scream, I heard police sirens. Since by now MOST OF THE BUILDING knows exactly who they are and which apartment they live in, I wasn't alone in hoping an arrest or three was to follow.

Instead, things went batshit. Apparently when the fuzz shows up at night, ALL the local evil doers (most of whom were completely uninvolved and hidden) go to panic mode (thus making EVERYONE aware of them).

The rest of the night was spent monitoring the situation and documenting what we saw. One of the things we had little trouble with figuring out was who the woman was that screamed. It's the mother in the family living below us -- just the family I was glad wasn't home to witness the clever use of a truck's suspension.

It appears that, among other shenanigans, a drug ring was busy in the shadows last night. No idea on what drug (betting Mary Jane as the guys in the truck are fond of it), but unsettling nonetheless. Once we've slept a bit, the management will be getting QUITE the complaint.

In the meantime, I have yet to sleep at all. Frankly I think the Mt. Dew I had in the afternoon is what saw me through this. Mt. Dew, if you didn't know, has more caffeine than a cup of coffee.

Also, I forgot to mention that our A/C is on the blink; so it's rather warm in the apartment (80°F). I think the craziness below would've kept us up anyway.

I'm going to poke around the computer a bit and try to just cool down enough to sleep. Personally, I'm amazed my handwriting stayed as legible as it did -- of course, claiming my handwriting is legible period is a bit of a stretch.

After chatting with one of the staff it was revealed that the "drug ring" was in fact a bunch of underage teens hiding and drinking booze. Just kids being kids; next someone will discover people smoking cigarettes! The horror!

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