Recap and today's news
Posted on June 26th, 2008
Yesterday a thunderstorm rolled in right about the time I was getting ready to make an entry and go to bed. Here's the recap of yesterday's news.

  • I figured out how to display color graphics and graphics with an alpha channel using GTK. That gets me just about to where I need to be to make effective use of the GTK toolkit.

  • The 'A' key popped off the keyboard again, and is no longer able to be attached to the keyboard properly.

  • Thunderstorms have been rolling through for several days now. Thus I've had less computer time than I'd like.

  • My current blood pressure is 119/82 and I've lost more weight; I'm at 217 pounds now. 15 minutes of exercise per day works!

Here's today's news.

  • The problems with the neighbors might be over. I say might because I'm not certain of anything yet.

  • It's kinda funny but I've worked out a simple replacement for the 'A' key. Namely, a little plastic gemstone from an ill-fated toy sword I got in the 90's. After its destruction I kept a handful of gems from it because they looked cool. Who'd have thought they had practical use?

  • More storms today, but they have already gone through.

  • That twat with the bot is attacking my site again. This is the third time around -- he's evading the IP bans. I altered the site's code to record more detailed information about this prick the next time he fools around. If he tries to go around that ban, I'll start the automatic ban code in the scripts. I may follow Illiad's lead and call his mother.

Here's a bunch of links, as there's two days worth.
Self defense permits no nonsense. This lovely site tells the bleak truths of self defense; rule #1 is don't invite trouble (aka "look like prey, get eaten").

A memorial to President Bush is underway.

This site has an interesting take on the morgage crisis.

Here's a video of a dog eating cabbage. This dog's farts will be quite epic.

Baby fox video. Meet Samantha

Do good in this game, get money off on Logitech stuff. A Logitech keyboard would be nice!

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