Wonders never cease
Posted on June 24th, 2008
Lately someone's been turning off the lights in the hall. They are doing this by twisting the light bulbs in the lights until they aren't in the socket tight enough to connect. Since the only change on this hall is the new neighbor, mom's been trying to catch the person doing it. Since the lights go out between 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM, mom's been getting up and watching out the peephole in the door.

Last night, she saw who was doing it. Two white guys who acted funny. After turning off the lights, they stood in front of our new neighbor's door and made a phone call. A moment later, she answered the door and let them in.

Mom got me up, and for the next hour or we stayed up watching the situation. Mom made a few calls, including to management, during this time. After the guys left, mom and I went back to bed.

I woke up around noon. While I was eating my breakfast, one of the maintenance men came over. This resulted in a long chat. It seems those two guys were busy last night. Not only did they turn off several lights for whatever reason, but they also punched out several of the lights in the staircase and some of the ceiling tiles on our hall. Also, the staff knows exactly who they are: they're the two drunks that piddle in the elevators. They know the gal in the next apartment (heck, probably were a reference). The staff is also aware that they smoke Mary Jane (illegal here) regularly.

It's quite possible that these were the two I saw in the pickup the other day, but unless they confess to that I'll never know for sure.

Anywho, this situation pretty much dominated the day. The landlord called us at one point, saying he needs to speak to us. Mom and I went down to the clubhouse (as that's where the offices are) when we got the message. One of the staff members, whose name I know but whose job I don't know, stopped us at the door and told us that the landlord was out showing and apartment and that we should come back in 30 minutes or so. This rather disturbed mom, but we went back and cooled our heels in our apartment for 30 minutes.

After that we returned to the clubhouse were we found the landlord and the top-level staff in an office with a guy who was sitting and cradling his head (as if weary, hungover or realizing that he'd really messed up). One of the other maintenance workers (the guy living in the apartment below us) passed us as we waited for the landlord ot be free. He was grinning as he said hello, but he didn't stop to chat.

The landlord came over for a moment and told us that he'd "handled it". Mom pressed, and the landlord said that he'd done everything he could, which is pretty much just adding to these creeps' file.

That pretty much did it for mom. She spent the rest of the day in tears babbling about how the victim's never protected by law, the landlord really isn't going to do anything, those drunk stoners are going to break in during the night beat us with crack pipes and rape us all before sending us to Zimbabwe where they sell us as slaves for the salt mines and then eventually kill us once they get tired of sodomizing us nightly -- aka the next Lifetime Movie Network's next documentary.

Methinks she watches that channel too often. I mean think about it, these are sloshed stoners: all I need to do is toss a bag of Doritos at 'em and while they're distracted just whap 'em in the noggin with one of my dumbbells.

Mom didn't even remotely find that amusing, but it was worth a try. Currently she's propped furniture against the door in addition to throwing the deadbolt and locking it.

I spent the evening working to get both Linux VMs set up and working. The end result was that I got both ready to go with C/C++ compilers and better terminal text editing. I also succeeded in getting both X11 and GTK working with FPC in the GUI VM.

Isn't it just sexy to talk in initials like that?

I have just two links for today. The first is a link to Wikipedia that details how evictions work. See this thing called "due process" still applies to homosexual drunk stoners who aren't housebroken. Without it, anyone could find themselves out on the street for any reason, including us, the single mom a few doors down and the guy with Tourettes down the hall.

Lastly, here's a break from all of this serious crap. It's a video of the new Lord of the Dance.

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