Cereal Adventures
Posted on June 21st, 2008
Today went different than planed. This morning mom and I did the two week shopping. This was unexpected, but worked out fine. The only snag we ran into was at the check out, and it was due to the teller being new to her job. Oddly, the teller had to call over another employee and have him ring up mom's brandy. I guess the teller's not 21 or something.

Anywho, we had lunch shortly after getting the groceries in the apartment. My lunch was a chicken Tuscon sandwich, a diet A&W and a snickers bar. I'm not certain the Lean Cuisine sandwiches are the best idea. While they are better than the other Lean Cuisine fare, they scratch up one's mouth. In fact, we're of the opinion that having them frequently is what started the whole salivary gland cyst problem. We'll see.

I needed to pickup cereal today, and I went with some old logic in deciding which kind of cereal to buy. Namely I picked up the kind with the best prize. In this case, a super deformed Batman action figure.

I spent the early afternoon working with the prototype for Project Metal. I happened to remember a very useful trick for storing stuff like that prototype's output. Thus I can store 8.59 MB of data in 4 Bytes. Now the trick is to make the generation of that data as quick as possible. I got it down to 650 ms from 2,700 ms, so that's looking good.

During the rest of the evening a nice extra windy storm moved through. I was obviously off the computer while the angels held their bowling tourney; I spent the time rearranging my various toys. Among other things I actually put away the various spare parts from the combiners. I also put out the many Energon Cubes and the fleet of little space ships I picked up in 2006.

Today's three links are both a bit screwy.
How much of your favorite food or drink would it take to kill you by caffeine overdose?

In case you need answers, click here.

And then there's this for sheer randomness.

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