Somethings couldn't go better
Posted on June 17th, 2008
Our new neighbor likes to play music. They like to play music loudly. This is annoying enough during the day, but it was after 10:30 PM and they were still blasting their music, despite the sound ordinance (which is: be quiet after 9:00 PM).

Why is this so awesome? The landlord showed up and knocked on their door. They couldn't hear him knocking over their music. Sweet pwnage ensued shortly thereafter.

And there was much rejoicing.

Most of the day was eaten up by the visit to the psychiatrist's office. Nothing really new to report there save for the fact he forgot he'd ordered blood work which we'd forgotten to get done.

Mom and I stopped by the hospital's gift shop to pickup junk before we left. I got a 5th avenue, a candy bar you don't see much of these days, and a diet choke. We debated about running another errand and decided to do that errand tomorrow.

The evening was spent coding and testing a prototype for Project Metal.

Today was Download day for Firefox 3. This started off rather badly as the download servers died early in the morning and many who downloaded the browser discovered that they got RC3 beta instead of 3.0 final (ie, the wrong program).

I was going to wait until all the addons I use became FF3 friendly, but late in the day I was informed of a fancy addon that allows you to override that check and use addons from older Firefox installs. This upgrade didn't go real smooth. For some reason it used a profile from MARCH instead of the current profile. Thus I had to shuffle my settings, bookmarks, saved passwords and stuff over manually, which was a bit of a hassle.

One quirk revolves around a buggy addon that I really like. If I set it to use the right mouse button, all of the context menus in FF3 bugger up. Setting it to use the middle mouse button resolves that issue -- I've just got to get used to using that button instead.

Overall, FF3 is faster than FF2. Other than that, the difference is rather moot.

My only link for today is what I'd like to do to the loud neighbor. Namely erect an elliptical reflector dish and play Gravity Kills or something. They blast pop/spiritualist crap, so I figure a song like Drowning would be the best thing to reply with.

Especially with one of last verses of Drowning being the following:

Drown in silence...
in my violence...
Some things are better left undone


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