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Posted on June 16th, 2008
We're getting new neighbors across the hall. The downside of this is that our first impressions of this is kinda sour. They played their music far too loudly during the day for starters. To their credit they did turn it down after mom asked them to do so.

I'm not real sure who is or isn't staying at this point. There have been a number of women and a number of men coming and going. At 10:30 PM three guys that reminded me of Larry the Cable Guy carried in a cot that was honestly too small to be used by the girl I'd seen enter the apartment earlier. Another woman wheeled in several boxes shortly afterwards. They are painting the place an orangish tan; I figure the cot is because the furniture won't be moved in until the painting is done. That's the hope anyway.

Mom talked with one of the women briefly earlier. That woman is going to be attending nursing school. Mom's gut feeling is that this group will be trouble.

Frankly, I'd at least what for them to have finished moving before rendering a judgment call.

I spent my day working with Necros Cavern. As I worked with it I discovered a number of problems with Lazarus. Now I'm beginning to think that it's not ready for actual use yet. So now I'm going to start over with the 1.0RC 1 code and just update it into 1.0RC 2.

Having wasted my day with that, I did some prototyping for Project Gold. That went smoother than I'd expected.

Tomorrow's big event for me is that I see the shrink. The big event elsewhere is that tomorrow is DOWNLOAD DAY for Firefox 3. They are trying for a world record number of software downloads, hence the download day campaign. I'm not going to upgrade yet; some of the plug-ins I'm using with Firefox 2 aren't compatible with Firefox 3 yet nor is there a "next best thing" to replace some of them. I'll wait; they'll upgrade soon enough.

Two links for today:
Here's a video of people having a bad day at work.

Verison has arbitrarily blocked the entire alt.* usenet group. That's link blocking all *.net addresses! Here's the story. Amusingly, my ISP is dropping its own newsgroup support and suggesting usenet as an option for those that will miss the usenet groups.

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