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Posted on June 13th, 2008
The storm we had in the evening was fitting for today, as it was Friday the 13th. I spent the storm's duration playing Super Mario Bros DX.

I ended up doing a far amount in the time I had available to work on the computer.

First off, I tried to do somethings to Din. This ended up going very badly; in the end I had to start over with the code for Din 0.3p . I added the code for constants support, but that's it. The dandy improvement to the module handling I posted about the other day turned out to be rather worthless. Thus I need to figure out a better system as Din 0.2a's module handling rather sucks.

I spent some time on Necros Cavern's GUI port, though I didn't do much more than prepare some graphics.

I also tweaked my Thingy. Thingy, as one may recall, is the nickname of the scripts that makes uguardian.us run. The tweaks weren't much, just some needed improvements. I corrected the algorithm for displaying the date something was posted for that the 11th day of the month isn't displayed "11st" anymore. The code for entires.html now records which entry was viewed. My host's logging system notes only that entries.html was viewed and omits everything after the ? in the url, thereby leaving me in the dark about what's getting looked at. The last tweak is rather simple: the userpic I've used for a post will now display alongside the text in the RSS feed. I figure since all visitors to the site are subjected to these 100x100 images I might as well torture those that read the blog via the feed as well.

I made an attempt to find a name for Project Gold and Project Metal, but that didn't work out. The only name I had for Gold, which was a made up word, turned out to be part of the Roman Catholic Church's outfits, a type of item in World of Warcraft, a comic book, and a computer hardware company, so that idea went in the circular file. Metal's name is just elusive.

Links for today:
A way to offset gas prices and a Time lapse of ants eating a dead gecko

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