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Posted on June 12th, 2008
The other day I posted a link to the "I'm voting Republican" video that's been going around. Mom forwarded the link to her email friends, and one of them sent back why he's voting Democrat.

So here's a nice balance to the partisan nuttiness.

"Those are all excellent reasons, however, this time I'm voting Democrat because I think it's time we had a Marxist for a president. It did wonders for the old Soviet Union and even today Cuba is still a paradise where I want to go have my heart bypass surgery when the time comes. I also think it's time we let some of our oppressed black leaders such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson[not to forget Louie Farrakhan] run things for a while. Voting Democrat will insure that I will enjoy 5-6 dollar gas since they will continue to block drilling for more crude on our soil and possibly break the bank of the futures speculators that are driving up the price now. And since I think abortion is such a good thing, my democrats will ensure that those will continue with the provision that now doctors will be able to suffocate those that survive the trauma without committing infanticide and thereby avoiding the consequences. Finally, I can be assured my grandkids will be able to learn the wonders of homosexual marriage and of course the wonderful pleasures of the anal sex that goes with it starting in preschool. As for me, I'll be able to marry my dog if I wish[provided it's over 18 in human years]

And just to show those rich folks that they've had it too good for too long, I'll happily watch my democrats double the capital gains tax just so those bastards will hoard their money instead of investing it. I've also always thought that mortgage deduction was unfair to those that live in apartments or free welfare housing. I'll be glad to see that go too. And, for the little guy like me, I've been begging to have my social security tax increased to much more than the 17.4% I pay now. But the topper-the one issue that will get me to the polls at sunup-is the global warming tax on industries so that they will be forced to move the rest of their operations out of the country. After all, who needs to work in a welfare state anyway? I pray to Algore. He's our Savior.

See you at the polls."

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