Grocery day
Posted on June 10th, 2008
I got up fairly early, so I spent time poking at stuff online until it was time to shopping.

Overall, shopping went fairly well. There were only a few snags. On the way into the store the lady behind me was littering pushing me forward with the stroller her kid was in, and mom stopped just inside the entrance. So for a moment I was caught in the doorway with Mrs. Inpatient running me over and about half an inch between myself and mom. Naturally I told mom to keep moving while I was being squished. As soon as mom moved, Mrs. Inpatient took off down the produce section at a pace that screamed "I'm important! Get out of my way!". Thankfully we never saw her again.

The other snag was the price of the two week's worth of stuff was slightly more than we budget (ie, over $300). This was in part due to the fact we're several days past when we needed to go shopping and also partly due to the fact that we needed a lot of taxables. Also, Ramen is now $0.40 a packet. That is a simple example of how Big Oil has messed up the economy. Ramen has traditionally cost next to nothing. That's why broke students live solely on the stuff. If our poor can't afford Ramen, there's a serious problem.

We got home around 2:30 PM, a late finish for us.

I spent the evening putzying on the computer. I've done a few more things with both Necros Cavern and Din, but that's the extent of it.

In other news the jury's out in this trial.

IPS claim they will block access to child porn sites. Net Neutrality be damned appearently. The main problem people have with this idea is that if the ISPs block any content, they may being blocking stuff be cause they can. Frankly I think they risk losing Common Carrier status, an important thing for them. Without that, they are guilty of sponsoring every kind of perversity and crime committed both via users on their service and by websites they neglect to block. I really doubt that Time Warner, Verison and Sprint approve of all of the llama porn out there.

Lastly a few billion dollars are missing, so says the BBC.

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