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Posted on August 27th, 2007
Today began with dad arriving home rather late. Typically he's home around 8:30 AM, but today he didn't arrive until 10:00 AM.

We looked around the apartment property shortly after he got home. The gazebo is nice, but filthy. The lake is not accessible via the lot like you'd expect -- there's a ton of tall weeds and crap around the edge of the pond. Lovely.

Lunch was a unique idea: hot dogs and corn on the cob. Lunch was interrupted by a UPS delivery man who had arrived to deliver something we'd ordered online. Sometime during lunch somebody got their melted butter on my DS or I got my DS in their melted butter. I discovered the splatters just a little bit ago and cleaned the device off. No permanent damage, I'm just rethinking the practice of leaving it on the table at lunch.

I took a nap shortly after lunch and slept until 3:30 PM. I spent most of the evening thinking about Fur and Faith and the troubles with yesterday's idea. While I'm making headway, I am also not close to done.

I spent sometime online, mostly looking at sites I normally read rather than focusing on looking stuff up or goofing around in general.

LiveJournal is still on the roll with drama. It seems the California Attorney General is interested in the whole mess as it's a consumer protection issue. Also, LiveJournal has reportedly pulled the ads they added in the last News post. This might be from pressure from users (who spammed the frell out of the admin's accounts) or from Pepsi (who sponsored the ads and was notified of the fact that LiveJournal was allowing users to embed the brutal beheading video that was going around in their posts) or both. Blogging really is serious business.

One of the sites I poked at was my pet screw ball site. This site doesn't fact check very well -- if at all. In fact, if the clipart doesn't make it hard to read, the mid-90s style design will make it hard to navigate. Overall, it does attempt to make a person think.

Today's surfing on that site yielded this proof that dinosaurs dwelt with mankind.

A YouTube video I ran across today is a video about having problems with a new mouse.

Some time ago a horrid plague swept through World of Warcraft. This was a bug: not a deliberate game event. After some patches things are back to normal for the Warcraft set. Now, this plague is being looked at as a possible model for human behavior in such a crisis.

Lastly I ran across a new edition of the Bible. This edition is a Manga comic book. To be honest I rather expect to see something like this since Bible comic books and illustrated Bibles already exist. I still prefer Sinfest for my anime Christianity fix anyway.

After all, where else has Jesus had a line like "The power of ME compels you!" or God remarking "What in my name...?" ?

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