Slimming down
Posted on June 8th, 2008
Today was largely spent looking for ways to use less bandwidth per day. That is, download less and get the same result. I spent part of the day downloading every web page I normally view and checking how much transfer is required. Two of the comics I'd been following use over a megabyte per view. Since one of them doesn't update anymore and the other I'm not particularly hooked on I've removed both from the daily rounds. Another tweak was to add a link to Freefall's forum and UserFriendly's comment board. This way I can jump to the page I want rather than viewing the homepage of the comic first. Several of the other sites I visit are rather large, and they can be made smaller by linking to their RSS feeds rather than the site proper. Some of the other sites I view I've been thinking of dropping, and as they also were in the top 10 bandwidth hogs I've just dropped them. Overall this should save about 6 MB per morning with many additional savings throughout the day.

During the evening are rather bizarre looking cloud passed over, and the wind was very strong as it did so. The humming bird feeder was largely blown away. During the wind mom zipped out and picked up two of its parts while I went downstairs to locate the third part.

After all of that was taken care of, mom and I saw two police cars show up and the landlord talking with the police under the carport. There was something on the ground, and one of the officers folded a blanket over it and carried it off. Shortly after that everyone left. I have no idea what happened other than it happened next to our carport space.

In other news, a crazy man went on a stabbing spree in Japan.

LOLRats is trying to start up again with a fresh site: I can has rats.

Lastly, behold the art of coin stacking


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