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Posted on June 5th, 2008
Today was rather busy. It began with a trip to the vet for Pov's 6-month checkup. Overall it seems the kidney disease hasn't worsened and Pov's otherwise fine. The vet also talked with us about Midnight for a moment. One of the things he said was that Midnight couldn't have suffered with the cancer long; maybe 4-6 weeks at the most. Also, he reiterated that there was no way anyone would have known.

There was a problem with a burst pipe in our building, so the water was off. Mom and I made a quick trip to the grocery store and picked up some microwavable meals. I got a nice chicken tuscon sandwich Lean Cuisine. This is a tangy chicken and cheese grilled sandwich. The sauce on it looks like Red Devil or Tabasco sauce. It has the tang but not the heat of those sauces.

I spent the next few hours working with the Din prototype's code. I managed to find and fix the bug that frustrated me yesterday. So now the prototype can run and work properly. At the moment it's very incomplete -- just enough to run the benchmarking script. You see, without testing it, I have no way of knowing if this new redone version of the program is better or worse than the 0.2a version.

Here's the results of the benchmarking:

TesteeTime required to complete Benchmark routine
Compiled Pascal Binary150 ms
PHP script version750 ms
Python script version250 ms
Din 0.2a850 ms
Din 0.3prototype250 ms

That, my friends, is an improvement. (FYI: the lower the numbers the better in that table)

So now it's a GO for this new code base. I'll start adding in the remaining features tomorrow.

In the evening my parents and I made a trip out to the real estate agent's office. There's an offer on our house that just might get the albatross put away for good. Today we signed the papers, so soon our house might be sold. It's possible something will come up and shitcan the deal, but we're trying to be optimistic about it.

Two bad things happened today. One of the regulars on one of the forums I'm on attempted suicide. He took a lot of pain killers, chased them with absolut vodka, and then wrapped the car around a pole. He's in a coma and likely has brain damage.

The other guy is on another forum and his situation is that he's quite literally bleeding out the ass.

Enough with the sad stuff, here's the links for today:
I've recently started reading Nodwick, another Dungeons and Dragons comic. It's rather goofy and light hearted compared to the more "serious" comics I've seen like Looking For Group.

Jack Thompson has done it again. He walked out of his disbarment hearing claiming the judge lacks everything from jurisdiction to smarts to sanity. Sooner or later he'll discover that an old adage is rather true: When everyone ELSE is insane, odds are pretty good the situation is actually the reverse. There's another adage that goes: If it's you versus the world, bet on the world.

Historians looking for a lighthouse in Massachusetts found it in California. Yep, that makes logical sense out of context.

A clown with a toy gun held up real robbers. That guy has balls (other than the one on his nose). Then again, he's a rodeo clown -- the sheer fact that his job is to attract the attention of an enraged and rampaging bull is all the proof one needs of this guy's lack of cowardice.

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