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Posted on June 3rd, 2008
Today was rather busy, though the brunt of the activity happened in the evening.

I spent the morning and part of the afternoon coding. In the end I managed to make a muddled mess of my code and gave up for the day. The main problem is that I had considered everything the program needs to work save the very last thing. Thus I had to try and fix the code while composing it, resulting in a mish-mash of statements and functions that will neither be readable to the compiler nor to human eyes. So I just quit while I was behind. On the plus side, I have a better grasp of what it needed so I can start fresh and do it right. Also, because I'm using modular design only the borked module needs started over. The other modules either don't use it (and thus don't need fixed) or use it and have yet to be written.

In the evening mom's friend and her husband came to look at their new apartment. Both of my parents, our friends and myself headed to the club house to meet the landlord and head off.

This became slightly problematic as the guy we'd expected to see had already left. Thus another of the staff took us to the apartment. This proved amusing.

She had to try a few keys before one worked on the apartment building's main door. Considering my luck with our apartment building's door (my key either didn't turn, turned but did nothing, or jammed and snapped in twain) I found it humorous that even the staff can't unlock the bloody things easily.

Once in the lobby, mom and I went up the stairs while everyone else took the elevator. I forgot to query if the elevators in this building smell of piss like the elevators in our building. In any event the staircase was cleaner.

As soon as everyone was gathered in the hall leading to our friend's soon-to-be apartment, the staff member began fiddling with the lock. One by one she tried her keys; none of them worked. Thus we all trekked the long way to the club house.

The staff member at least tried to find the key, upto and including calling the head of management at his home, but no key was found. Instead, we learned that the apartment wasn't in a condition to be shown: there was neither carpet nor appliances.

Our friends departed, and I picked up a parcel that was addressed to me in the club house. It was delivered there because it wasn't quite addressed right: the building's address was correct, but there was no apartment number. Save for my name, I'd never know it was mine.

It turned out to hold two controllers: on for the SNES and one for the NES. The wording on the site I bought 'em from was a little confusing, so I was unsure if I'd bought one of each or one PAIR of each. Third party controllers like these are a gamble. Since they aren't official there's no quality guarantee. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Reviews on Amazon are either "5-star works great" or "0-star it's fraud".

The SNES controller works perfectly. I just needed to disassemble and reassemble it myself because one of the buttons wasn't put in place properly. Thus mom got to enjoy a game of Tetris Attack.

The NES controller on the other hand won't fit in the console's port and thus won't work. This is one of the more common complaints about third party controllers, so I'm not too disappointed.

In other news I slightly overshot the diet today. I got shakey after the trip around the complex, and by then I had no room on the diet for anything. So I ate a bowl of cereal; it's only 100 calories and no sodium, so the overshot isn't too bad.

Links for today:
Police are called to rescue a woman who locked herself inside her car. I wish I made that up.

Here's an interesting, if bogus, story about how finding life on Mar is a Bad Thing. No mention of ray guns or things going "ACK ACK", just statistics.

Time Warner is about to "test" it's Bandwidth capping scheme. This is going to be fun; I download 5.02 GB per month, which is just over the limit for the lowest tier.

On a happier note, here's a site filled with goofy Animated GIFs!

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