The good with the bad
Posted on June 2nd, 2008
Today seems to have flown by.

In the afternoon mom and I ran some errands. First was the grocery store for cat food and chocolate. The next stop was the doctor's.

Sometime in mid May a lump appeared in my mouth, and since it never went away we thought it was be best to see the doctor and have him look at it. Two oddities about this lump are that there's no pain and its size is inconsistent (it shrinks and grows randomly). In the end it's nothing to worry about. It's just a cyst in a salivary gland (not a toomah) and will disappear as abruptly as it appeared with no intervention needed.

And yes, the doctor actually said "It's not a tumor", though he might not have caught the Kindergarten Cop reference. He was impressed with my weight loss and my blood pressure was 122/80!

The saddest point in the day came next. The vets had Midnight's ashes ready. Our last stop was to pick up the ashes, Camel and his crate. Naturally, as we were putting these in the car a bee flew inside the car. The next few minutes were spent with all of the doors open as we tried to find it and get it to leave.

Later in the evening my parents and I watched the Illusionist.

What little I was on the computer today I spent either reading stuff online or testing code en mass. I've figured out just about everything I need to redo the custom CVS in a sane bug-free manner. I just haven't had time to do so.

Three news articles for today:
T-Shirt designs are evil, especially when they depict an Autobot with a gun. Also note the article calls Optimus Prime by the name Megatron. Someone knows squat about pop culture -- Transformers have been part of our culture for 20+ years; everyone but this guy recognizes Optimus Prime!

Girls suck at math. A study points out that this inability to carry the 3 has to do with how she's raised, not that pesky X chromosome. So really, the man keeps her down.

Lastly Yeti "discovered".

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