Rough day
Posted on August 26th, 2007
Today seemed to revolve on friction of one kind or another. Dad backed the car into a post, causing an unknown amount of damage. The morning was very tense. We were going to watch a movie but the copy-protection scheme prevented the DVD from playing in our DVD player. Dad fumbled with his computer and we watched it on there. It took him a lot more fumbling than it should've and he was already in a mood, so that didn't help things.

I spent most of the evening working out an idea in one way or another. When I took the obvious route I ran across a nasty bug and spent close to an hour trying to see what was going wrong. It ended up being a language issue. I may poke at the documentation tomorrow to see just what the frell went wrong. In the end I abruptly thought of something an hour ago that pretty much negates the implementation I spent all evening fighting.

As mentioned above I watched a movie this morning via dad's computer. That movie was Fantasia 2000. Later this evening I watched Ice Age with mom. We ended up using her computer since the DVD player couldn't play it either and my computer was busy finding a cure for AIDS. We really need to rewire the TV stand or something, as we didn't have this copy protection trouble prior to the move. It's the same DVD player and DVDs we played before, they just now randomly blue screen and distort.

Meanwhile it seems that the apartment below us has new residents. It has been rather noisy from below this evening -- after all, who the freck vacuums at 10:30 PM ?

I had a hunch I should have stayed in bed when I woke up pondering the illogical designs of the disease in the 1971 movie The Andromeda Strain. I saw that movie only once, back in 1999. No idea why I woke up thinking about it.

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