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Posted on May 29th, 2008
Today began with Little One's trip to the vet. Surprisingly, he's actually gained weight. It just looks like he's lost weight. They took some blood for tests and that was the end of his visit. We also dropped off Camel, a stuffed McDonald's happy meal toy that Midnight is fond of (Much like Bucky's Smacky).

Getting out of the vets was another matter. A white-haired woman brought in a fairly large dog and a kid. She didn't remotely have control of the dog; it pulled her around like she was on skates. Now the first time this dog barked, mom turned to jelly.

At one point the woman smacked the dog while telling it to sit (which it failed to even attempt). The kid, who couldn't be over 4, was carrying a baseball bat. I'm guessing the bat's for controlling the dog. Charming people.

In the end, mom flew sobbing out of the exam room and out of the building. The large dog naturally, ran after her with the white-haired woman in tow.

While mom had a nervous breakdown in the car, I waited with Little One in his crate in the exam room until the dog was safely out of the waiting room. One of the staff took the dog into a room (or rather the dog took her to a room) yet neither person that came with it followed.

So I waited in the waiting room for the people behind the desk to get our invoice ready. Of the three office staff, one had just taken the dog into the back and the other two were busy with the phones, so I had to wait a bit.

In the meantime the white-haired woman was examining the waiting room in a manner that suggested she had just been blessed with the gift of literacy.

Finally her gaze ended up on the crate, and she came over to she what was in it. She awwwwed at Little One, then asked what was wrong with him. I replied that nothing was wrong; he just came for his routine checkup. The woman didn't move for a moment, suggesting that the idea of regular checkups made her brain blue screen.

One of the staff appeared with their dog in a nice V-collar. While that staff member had better control of the hulk, it was still fairly uncontrolled. She talked with the woman for a moment, then the woman, kid and dog left the building.

A few moments later, now that there was someone behind the desk was free, they had our bill ready. At that point I said that mom was a puddle in the car, and she's the one with the money.

So I went to the car with Little One and talked with mom. I ended up carrying in mom's debit card and signing the receipt for her.

We headed home, with mom sobbing, shaking and cursing that white-haired woman most of the way. After letting Little One free, we left again.

We dumped the crate in the dumpster as we left; one of the things we were going to get was a newer model create that's easier to handle. In the dumpster were a number of Papa Johns pizza boxes, all with the same apartment's address. Methinks they don't cook at home much.

We stopped at the garden center and picked up four suet cakes. The starlings don't like the peanut butter or nut suet cakes we have in the feeder, they'd eaten the fruit and berry cake already and weren't happy. All four suet cakes we bought today were the fruit and berry flavor the starlings loved.

Our next stop was the pet store. We picked up a new create and a new bowl.

The last place we stopped at was the grocery store to buy lunch. Nothing too exciting there.

A little bit after lunch we got a call from the vet. This was expected, as they needed to run the blood work. Like Pov, Little One's in the early stages of kidney disease. More concerning was the news about Midnight. The vet ended up scoping him, and they found an unidentified something in his gut that shouldn't be there. They biopsied it and sent the sample to the lab. We'll know what the object is in a few days.

I spent most of the remainder of the day coding.

At one point we made an unsettling discovery. The starlings kept attacking one another, and one of the adults attacked one of the mourning doves! The dove was hit hard enough to roll it over. We called the bird store about this and learned that starlings often kill other birds at feeders; the only solution is to get rid of the starlings by removing the suet cakes we bought this morning. We're partial to the doves and chipping sparrows so the suet is gone. If the starlings can't play nice then they can't play at all.

I had a poor night's sleep last night, and thus I'm looking at turning in early. I dreamed three times last night, none of which were happy. One involved a crucial test being cut short via tornadic weather. Another was a M*A*S*H episode that was a gory and dark version of the season 8 episode "Dreams" (which is already one of the darkest episodes in the series). The third involved a heavy object falling and severing most of Pov's tail. After I had that dream I gave up and got up, even though it was a few hours early.

Hopefully tonight will go smoother.

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