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Posted on May 17th, 2008
I played a lot of Clyde's Adventure and Clyde's Revenge today, but I did manage to do a number of other things.

My portable TV hasn't worked decently for some time. The volume control is also the power switch, and there wasn't much in the way of control there at all. Either full volume, no volume or the unit's off. That's annoying to deal with so I've simply didn't use it. Today I had the bright idea that, like my fan, disassembling it might fix it. So I took it apart and I believe I found the problem. It wasn't dust, cat hair, my hair, loose parts, spiders, or anything I'd have expected. There was a small metal paperclip fused to the circuit board. Yep, that'd cause a short. I removed the paperclip, put the TV back together and tested it out. The on/off/volume switch now works as expected, plus the picture is clearer. Now that it's fixed I can dust off the SNES or NES or the ProTech64 or maybe even the PlayStation once in a while.

Fixing the TV gave me an idea. Perhaps the PS2 would play Creature Comforts via mom's TV instead of my computer. So I hooked it up and it does indeed play the new DVDs. Just think, this 2002-era game console plays DVDs better than some of our DVD players.

I spent the evening working out some things with Din. The library of commands continues to grow, so I've worked out a strange but usable method to make managing it easier: I wrote a program that produces the code. It takes a simple text file as input, then generates several includes. These includes are called from the Din source code during compilation as if they where source code themselves. Thus everything that needs tweaked with each addition to the library of commands is tweaked automagically. Still, programs that write programs are just strange. The machines will rise up one of these days.

My arm is still giving me trouble. Yesterday it hurt to do curls with 10 pound weights. Today I used 5 pound weights, and again it hurt. Notably it's just the curls that make it hurt: I could do 10 reps of everything else without any problem. Later in the evening my right hand joined the pain parade. I spent some time looking up stuff on the exercise site for information about injury during curls and I found out two things. One, a lot of people feel pain doing them and thus don't do that exercise. Two, I'm doing them wrong. Doing them the way the site instructs doesn't hurt. So this is likely self-injury by not RTFM properly. It'll heal in 2 to 10 days according to the site; in the meantime I'm going to use some ice packs.

And the real oddity for today: I haven't any links worth sharing.

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