I've had better days
Posted on May 16th, 2008
I've been exhausted and achy all day long. Both of my knees hurt and getting out of my chair requires a large amount of effort as the joints don't want to bend or support my weight.

Midnight has been throwing up a lot more often than is normal for older cats, so he went to the vet this evening. Getting out of the door was extremely frustrating.

2:20 PM - Cat's in the crate, I'm ready to go and mom goes to get her coat and purse.

2:22 PM - Cat is going ballistic in the crate. Mom's no where to be seen.

2:25 PM - Cat manages to roll the create over and seems to have messed in it; I could see what looked like a puddle and the room smelled of fresh poo. Even better: the create was on my bed, so if he did in fact lose bladder or bowel control it's all over my bed! No sign of mom.

2:28 PM - I've moved the create to the floor and Midnight has calmed a little, though he's still trying to bury the towel he's sitting on. Still no sign of mom.

2:30 PM - We're supposed to BE THERE at 2:30 PM, yet mom is STILL missing. At this point, Midnight's tired himself out and is just mewing over and over. I'm frustrated to the point of shaking. The mail man starts buzzing us over and over. I can't get the mail because I can't leave Midnight alone for that long as he might flip the crate again. I'm feeling like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear as mom STILL hasn't reappeared.

2:32 PM - Mom FINALLY appears, but without her coat and purse. At this point, I'm angry and we're late for our appointment. Mom fails to notice I'm boiling and asks why I'm not getting the mail. tells me to go ahead and get the mail. I run down, get the mail, and run back up while she tries to calm Midnight, check and/or clean the create. She doesn't find anything, so the smell must have been from the litter; what I thought was a puddle seems to be part of the crate's floor.

We got to the vet around 2:40 PM, where I found that I'd misread the calendar: I thought the appointment was for 2:30 PM, it's for 2:45 PM.

At this point I'm ready to cry and am completely stressed out.

The vet noticed that Midnight has lost a significant amount of weight in addition to the puking up everything he eats. He wants to do some tests to find out what's up but would rather make that an all day stop over rather than do it today. So we scheduled the appointment and that was the end of that chapter of the day.

A bit later when I went to exercise pain shot down my forearms during the curls, so I abandoned them and only did a low number of reps for the remaining exercises. The curls are pretty much the easiest exercise I do, so this was very unexpected.

A bit of good news is that I've lost another pound and a half -- even after gorging myself at the Italian restaurant on Tuesday.

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