B-Day dinner and recap
Posted on May 13th, 2008
Recently I've been having trouble accessing this site. The culprit seems to be one of the servers a few hops down from me. Trace routes from my computer either die or get the lucky ping that moves through. Hence the lack of an entry for yesterday.

Yesterday was full of bad news. Thus I searched out a few silly things to try to balance out the rest of the stuff going on. I did a number of other things yesterday as well. For example I worked on both Din and Necros Cavern. I also perfected the virtual machine share drives trick.

Today began with a trip to the Italian Restaurant for mom's B-Day lunch. I had their meatball sub with a side of spaghetti with meat sauce. It's a favorite; the other option I was considering was the chicken tender sub, which is the same meal with breaded chicken tenders in place of the meatballs.

After lunch, mom and I stopped at the grocery store and the pharmacy for various things. Cat food and litter were the biggies, but I picked up a 34 oz grape soda and mom picked up a cake and a tiny tub of ice cream. In other news, ice cream is $4 or more a gallon. On an amusing note the grocery store sells 20 oz pop for $1.25 each and the 34 oz pop from the pharmacy cost $0.99 .

The rest of my day was spent working on Din. I'm making progress, though I've still got to test some of the stuff.

My fan has been driving me crazy with annoying variants of a random kur-kur-chik noise for some time now. For a long time I was able to make it shut up with some fuss and percussive maintenance, but recently it's been more stubborn about making noise. Thus I spent some time today and disassembled the fan (a bit of a task as it wasn't meant to be user serviceable). I've known what part makes the racket for weeks (hence I knew what to fuss with). It's the oscillator. I don't use that function, so today I removed the parts from it that make it work and make a lot of din. As an added bonus the fan can now be rotated to a desired position -- it will hold itself at that position until you move it -- a whole new feature.

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