Busy busy day
Posted on May 10th, 2008
Today began with the biweekly shopping. Since gas prices have risen (again) everything else is seeing its price pushed up. So we really need to watch prices. We were very careful today and managed to shave about $50 off the grocery bill.

During the afternoon mom grew curious as to why the birds were ignoring two of the feeders, so while watering the plants she looked them over. They both had the same problem: the seed got wet and never dried out, so it turned putrid. In one of the feeders the seed looked fine, but it was really soggy mush. The smell of the rancid seed wasn't very noticeable outside, but when the feeders were inside, it just plain reeked. We've replaced the sickening seed with fresh seed. Let's see if the birds notice.

When I was bringing the groceries up I noticed a box with many Girl Scout cookie boxes piled inside of it next to the pop machine in the mail cubbyhole. A few hours later when I went to get the mail mom tagged along thinking that crack cookies may be for sale in the lobby. No such luck, and no sign of the box I'd seen. Bummer.

Mom once again exercised, though today she used the 2 pound dumbbells.

I spent the remainder of the day thinking about the various projects, coding quick test programs and playing Clyde's Adventure and Clyde's Revenge.

In the evening the neighbors downstairs decided it had been too quiet lately and fired up a power drill. I'm not certain of what was being drilled, but it made the place shake.

From around 9:00 PM on I could hear their kids running about, and at 10:15 PM there was a big crash from down there, along with the romping. It's 10:15 PM, what the heck are toddlers doing up?!

Around 10:20 PM the fire alarm went off. Judging by the view out the windows, nobody left the building. The fire department arrived 20 minutes later and shut off the bloody thing.

During the drilling I Googled "power tools apartment" to see what came up. Here's the answer. Note the first comment; it sounds like Bob lived directly below the downstairs neighbors at one point. The fact that the neighbors downstairs have a history of apartment hopping makes one wonder.

The other oddball site I ran across was Encyclopedia Obscura. It's like a mix of X-Entertainment and Wikipedia. Its articles are about really strange and obscure stuff.


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