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Posted on May 4th, 2008
I spent the day cleaning up files and fussing with the virtual machine (vm). The Linux install within the vm can now compile Lazarus projects! Also, I've managed to boost the resolution to 800x600 (was 640x480), so stuff actually fits on "screen". I also managed to get sound working. For added ease of use, I installed a tiny program on the real computer that allows me to make a CD image out of any directory with just a click of the mouse.

And just because I could, I downloaded ReactOS and setup a vm for both the ReactOS LiveCD and FreeDOS LiveCD. I may mess with their installers in the future.

In other progress-related news, I did some coding with both Din and Necros Cavern.

Now here's the deal with the Yellow Alert userpic. Last night was rather strange in a number of ways.

I had two dreams during the night. The first was short and happened fairly early on. From the perspective of my bed I saw a tall, lanky inhuman thing walk into the hall, pause and look in my room, then continue down the hall (towards my parent's bedrooms). It resembled a 6 foot tall (and very thin) Shadow Heartless. I woke up shortly after that, got a drink, visited the loo and returned to bed.

The other dream was heavily centered on Christianity and demons. It was not a nightmare; effectively it just was a LOT of talking.

The first dream is rather spooky, but neither dream warrant concern on their own. If that was all that happened, then I'd not be mentioning it.

Here are a few other things that happened last night:
  • Little One spent a portion of the night huddled next to my bed on the floor. He's never done that before: he normally sleeps with mom.
  • The kid in the bedroom one floor down (Thumper) had a bad nightmare early in the night. It took a few hours and both parents to clam him down afterwards.
  • Mom woke up screaming from a nightmare TWICE.

Now add in my two dreams, one of which featured an unknown entity in the apartment and another that focused heavily on religion, to the mix and it's a bit suspicious.

Hence Yellow Alert: fecal matter may hit the fan, so shields go up.

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