Comedy of error
Posted on August 24th, 2007
Yesterday was a large string of things going strange. I spent the night working on both Fur and Faith and Kuiperhack. Nothing too unusual about that, but it meant that I was getting tired by morning.

Early in the morning we received a call that the repairman was on the way, so I took the elevators to the lobby and waited for him.

While waiting, a toddler screamed out "MOM THERE'S A CREEPY MAN IN THE LOBBY!". Since I was alone in the lobby it was rather obvious who the creepy man was. The toddler's mother ended up having to carry the kid down the stairs and out of the building since he was too petrified to follow her down on his own.

After they left people started coming and going in the lobby. One man carrying a briefcase entered the entryway and started rummaging in his bag for something. He was dressed in a white shirt and black pants, with no company logo visible. At first I thought he was another resident, but then I saw him buzz someone on the apartment's intercom. They buzzed him in, and he walked past and entered the elevators.

A few minutes later mom came up from behind me and said that the repairman was already at the apartment. Naturally she was wondering where the hell I'd gotten off to, since I was supposed to meet the guy, let him in and show him to the apartment. Mom thought I might have been waiting at the wrong door, but it turned out that I'd just completely failed to identify the guy as he walked right by me.

One would think that a General Electric repairman would have the GE logo somewhere on his person, but that wasn't the case.

Once he'd installed the new part, we ran into trouble paying him. The computer refused the credit card. At first he'd entered the number wrong, but even after correcting it the card wouldn't take. We ended up trying a second card with similar results, though he eventually got that one to be accepted.

With the fridge fixed, mom and I set out to do a little shopping. This was not error-proof either. I was running on fumes, so I was in a sort of stupor while we shopped.

The local farm had brought in a large display full of fresh sweet corn, so we decided to get some. That ended up being an event. Per usual, I had some minor trouble getting a produce bag open. Once that was taken care of I picked out some ears of corn. I counted as I went, as we only wanted 6 ears. As I put the last ear the bag the bag shredded. I fumbled with the bag of corn for a moment and it just fell apart more. Now I was trying to prevent the corn from landing on the floor and still have hold of the half dozen. By this point, a few shoppers had given me a look that read "what IS his problem? was he born special or something?". Naturally, mom was moving on and completely unaware that there was a problem. Finally I called out "Can I get some help here?!" and got her attention. At first she broke up laughing, but then came over to see what the funny dance was all about. That's when she got another produce bag and said that you're only supposed to put three ears in a bag. I handed her three ears and then waited for her to get another bag. When she didn't, I called over again for help. THEN she noticed the bag I'd tried to use was in several parts and completely shredded.

A new bag later and everything was fine, however the remains of my bag held four ears instead of three. So I'd either miscounted, or an extra ear had toppled onto the heap I was trying to hold. The latter makes the most sense since I had leaned on the display for support. That's not to say I'm sure I counted correctly; it just makes more sense.

The next bit of fun happened at the checkout. Of 12 lanes, only 2 were open. The one we picked ended up being the wrong one. There were two old ladies buying a large number of groceries ahead of us, and they were having more trouble dealing with that than I did dealing with the corn.

Finally one of them said "I think we need a second basket" and one of them went to get a basket. However, rather than going to the baskets next to the store's exit (less than a few steps away), she decide to go up the lane and stand behind me as if she was in line. Mom noticed her standing there a moment later. Seeing that there was plenty of room to walk around me and that the old lady didn't seem to be able to make that leap in thought, mom pulled me aside.

A second later the lady said "excuse me" and walked by us and started heading around the entire store to get a cart.

We moved to another lane, though there were a few people already in that lane. By the time everyone in the lane was checked out and we were paying for our groceries, the two old ladies were still in the other lane checking out. At one point the clerk told them the price of their purchase, and they loudly repeated it to each other a few times.

We focused on getting in the car and out of the lot before they got near their car. Neither of us wanted to see them drive.

At the checkout I'd been mulling over the candy, since chocolate sounded good and the candy bar I really wanted wasn't on the racks for sale. When I spotted the environmentally friendly candy bar I remarked, "Oh that's right! I'd forgotten about that one." Apparently that was a funny thing to say as both the clerk and mom laughed at it.

Back home mom started getting lunch going. We were having fried eggs, sausage and toast -- a tricky meal to get all prepared at once. Dad was fussing with the draft dodger on the apartment door.

While mom was cooking, a call came in, so she caught that and continued talking while cooking.

Dad was opening and closing the door while fiddling with the draft dodger, and Pov tried to rush the door to get out in the hall. While still on the phone mom screamed, lunged, grabbed Pov's tail and yanked him back to the safety of the apartment. Mom shut the door and gave dad a lecture about keeping the cats safe, then returned the call and the now-cold eggs and toast.

When things settled again and lunch was being served, mom asked how many sausages I wanted. I replied six, but she served me five. I mentioned this as I fetched the sixth one myself. She got another laugh out that.

After lunch I went straight to bed, as I was exhausted. However, I couldn't fall asleep. Four hours of laying in bed awake later I got back up and just surfed the net until it was time for my evening pills.

After getting my pills I tried going to sleep again. I managed to fall asleep, but I ended up waking up constantly. At 3:30 AM I gave up and got up.

Hopefully today will go smoother.

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