Yesterday at length
Posted on April 30th, 2008
Much of yesterday was spent working on Din. I keep running into things that need redesigned or worked around, so this isn't going very quickly.

Early on in the day I installed DosBox. I was thinking that some of the older games I have would be nice to mess with again. Granted that most of my DOS library runs with Dosbox, there's very little effort in setting them up. One of my favorite old titles that doesn't work with DosBox is Lemmings. I looked it up on the compatibility listing and was surprised to see it listed as "supported". So I took a look at the comments. It turns out you need a hacked version of the game to run it in DosBox, and the link for that copy is found in the comments. This tweaked version runs almost perfectly: the only bug is the level preview screen's palette is messed up.

Thus for the first time in a decade I can play this title again!

Another venture of the day didn't go so smoothly. The Linux side of this computer's dual boot setup can't access the internet. This is because of driver problems (the internal wireless adapter isn't supported). Thus installing anything gives the phrase "dependency hell" a whole new meaning.

I had a brilliant idea yesterday. Perhaps if I plugged the computer directly into the modem it would connect to the internet. I tried this with the live CD and it worked! However, it didn't work with the installed OS. I fussed with it for a bit and didn't get anywhere. I eventually tried reinstalling Linux from the live CD while the live CD was connected. This also did nothing more than waste time.

After giving up on that, I poked around online for a middle man solution. Namely a Windows port of the libraries and binaries found with Linux. If stuff compiles under the Windows port, it should compile and run under Linux (however, I won't be able to supply Linux binaries). I ended up installing Cygwin, and while it runs and everything that came with it runs, I can't get anything to compile with it. I tried the GTK examples from FreePascal as well as a few Linux X11 programs I plucked off of . None of them compiled.

That summed up yesterday's efforts at making things better.

The icon I'm using for this post has nothing to do with anything (although it arguably would have been a more productive way of spending the day). It's just funny and I rarely use it.

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