Fast day
Posted on April 25th, 2008
Last night I woke up around 1:15 AM and laid there awake until 3:40 AM. During that time I thought about a number of things, including some major changes to Necros Cavern and a few other projects.

I got up just in time to run some errands. This was yet another trip to the garden center: it seems that the watering can mom bought the other day leaks, and so we exchanged it for a hopefully working model. We also purchased two hanging baskets, an assortment of annuals, and a bunch of flower seeds.

Shortly after getting everything home and in the apartment mom and I zipped up to the grocery store in search of enough cat food to hold us until shopping day. Naturally we also picked up lunch. I had a Lean Cuisine and a Three Musketeers. We also picked up a box of Klondike bars, which are half gone by now.

Most of what remained of my day was spent fooling around. I worked up a PHP version of a fancy little program I wrote last year. While amusing, neither are practical. 12 MB is a bit large for an HTML page after all.

Tomorrow looks to be rather quiet, so I'll see about getting something done then.

Earlier today I ran across a YouTube video of a cat playing with a Theremin. A Theremin is a odd and old school instrument. You can read more about it here on Wikipedia. Here's the video of a cat playing with one.

With the endless arguments online, it's handy to know what logical errors people may make and how to counter them. This is a handy list of the popular techniques of spreading manure.


Holy Chrome! The school across the street just let off several volleys of fancy fireworks! Here on the 5th floor, we're just about eye level with the plumes!

I have no idea what they were for; My best guess is that today is the day commemorating St. Mark's martyrdom, but I'm not aware of that calling for fireworks.

Heck, I was pretty sure such fireworks were illegal here. Pretty sparklies nonetheless.

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