Where are we going, and who designed this place?!
Posted on April 24th, 2008
Today turned out much different than planned. I'd forgotten that it was the day dad needed to go get a test taken care of until shortly after I got up. Knowing it would be a long day, I charged the GBA promptly.

Early in the day I took my blood pressure prior to taking my blood pressure medication. It was 127/87 ! We decided to celebrate by having lunch at the local truck stop on the way to the test. Lunch for me was a plate of chicken tenders and a small side of French fries.

The trip to the test site was rather confused. There was road construction and the detour that had been set up was apparently set up by someone who was chronically lost when provided with a map. The detour returned to itself at various points, involved making a few U-turns, and even some directions from a police officer didn't help. Although it seems the police officer didn't know about the detour or construction, as his directions ended up on a dead end.

Eventually we found the building where the test was to be done. This building was apparently built by the same person that designed the detour. Dad's tests were to be done on the third floor. Mom was already close to a nervous breakdown and is afraid of elevators, so only dad took the elevator to the third floor. Mom and I went up the nearly stairs only to find that they only go to the second floor.

We then followed signs that said "Stairs" with an arrow. After wandering over a balcony, past a waterfall, and down several halls that were neither connected at right angles nor uniform in size nor even flush with each other we found the stairs. We went to the third floor and discovered the stairs only open to a storage room and that there was no way to actually go anywhere.

By this point the trip was like one of those classic nightmares where the Monster is after you and no matter where you turn there is no escape. And mom was now having an anxiety attack and crying.

We backtracked our steps through the Tim Burton style halls. Mom held on to my shirt as we crossed the balcony again and hurried down the stairs.

It seems that the only way to get to the third floor is by elevator (a retarded design -- think "power failure"). We decided to wait in a nearby area where chairs and some tables were provided.

After a good hour, mom suggested grabbing a snack from a vending machine. It turns out that there are no such machines on the first floor. You'd think a LOBBY would have something! After a little looking around we found the in-building pharmacy. We went inside and purchased diet cokes and M&Ms. Mom and the clerk talked for a while, and the clerk gave us far more sane directions to get back home.

We returned the area with the chairs and sat at a table while we ate our candy. While we talked, waiting for the two hour tests to be done, a security guard took note that we were just "around" for well over an hour. He took a coffee and sat at a distance watching what we were doing. At length, he left.

Shortly thereafter dad appeared and we went home.

We returned home at 3:40 PM.

I spent the evening looking at things online and thinking about stuff, as I was already too tired to do any coding. I did however upload the new Blue theme for the blog today. The new theme was ready earlier -- I just didn't get around to uploading it.

Two links for this disordered day.

First off here's a government agency that really worked hard on their logo.

Lastly, as much as I hate spiders, I found this game amusing. It's called Mighty Spidy. You control the spider and your goal is to eat all of the flies in the level. You need to avoid birds, bees and scorpions(?!) while you much on the feces feeders.


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