Busy day
Posted on July 30th, 2007
Well, the rash is gone. A Benadryl cleared it up just fine. It turns out that I'm allergic to Lysol disinfecting wipes. Every spot where the rash appeared had been touched by a wipe. Now the question is what are we going to use to sanitize our hands after we hold on to the railings on the stairwell.

The carpet cleaners arrived and did their thing early this morning. Perhaps the most amusing thing about their visit was their surprise at discovering a mattress in the shower stall. Since my entire room needed to be treated, we'd moved the mattress into the tub to allow the cleaners to cleanse the carpet below it.

Shortly after they left I went down to the car to put two bags of stuff in the backseat and bring the four boxes in the trunk back to the apartment. This did not go well as the car wouldn't unlock when I used the keychain's unlock button. It must have looked like an attempted grand theft auto as I flailed around with the clicker, tried all of the doors, attempt to unlock the trunk with the keys on the keychain and still manage to not unlock a damn thing. I finally managed to wave the keychain while intoning the correct forbidden chants while sacrificing a spare tire to the car spirits and got the flipping thing unlocked. It was then a rather trivial task to get the empty cardboard boxes out of the truck and into the apartment.

However, by this point I'd taken so long that mom was freaking out, believing I was trapped in one of the man-eater elevators.

After lunch mom and I went far downtown to see about ordering a chair for the living room. Mom had seen an ad for a love seat and sofa set, and wanted to get the love seat. It turned out to be a recliner. The new chair will be delivered later this week.

We dropped some things off at Goodwill and bought somethings at the grocery store on the way back home. We'd picked out a personal shopping cart to make getting groceries into the apartment easier, but today's tiny amount of groceries was more than the stupid thing could carry. We're seriously wondering how the heck people shop in this apartment.

Much later in the day I decided to look through the run time library that comes with my compiler of choice. I couldn't decide how to implement something, and it occurred to me that the run time library may contain functions like those I needed. After all, the run time library's secondary task is to provide simple to use implementations for common tasks so that programmers don't need to continually reinvent the wheel. As I'd hoped, there's a package that provides exactly the functionality I'll be needing.

I hope to get some stuff done tomorrow. That "stuff" being the early version of KuiperHack and/or another set of pages for the new Fur and Faith.

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