Posted on April 20th, 2008
Today was largely spent working on Din. The massive 73% code overhaul idea ended up being a bad one. I ended up undoing everything by copy n pasting the 0.2a code over the 0.3a code. It wasn't worth the effort. Later I added some changes to the module handling I've been planning.

Part of the day was spent rearranging the toys. I've put away the majority of the Transformers so that the bigger Transformers (like Cryo-Scourge) can be placed in robot mode for once and so that the various gestalts (like Defensor and Devastator) could be split up into their various parts. I'm not quite done with the changes, but it's pretty well underway.

I've been reading on ExRx about increasing the strength gain from exercise. One way they suggest is changing the speed at which you perform the exercises in your routine. However, this is a once in a while thing, so changing speed every day isn't a great idea. Today I did the entire routine at the fastest speed I could muster. Normally on the ergometer I do a 10 minute workout at about 1 revolution per second. Today I still went for 10 minutes, but at 2+ revolutions per second. I turned the resistance way down to make the speed easier to attain and hold. Holy Hans and Frans, that was one intense workout!

In other health related news, I'm down to 224.4! I've lost another 1.5 pounds since the 12th!

In other news, the finches are still working out the pecking order (something you'd think birds would be rather good at). The mourning doves returned, as did both sets of house sparrows. Nobody has visited the hybrid feeder yet though -- it's the seed on the balcony itself and the original feeder that everyone is interested in.

Today was the twentieth of April, better known as 420. 420 is a number that is only remarkable in that 4-20 is the code number police use for drug possession. Thus today was a minor holiday of sorts for those that don't care about Spiderman yet adore Mary Jane. Amusingly, I've seen a lot of posts by people proclaiming that they won't take part in the toke heard round the world but no posts by people proud of their smoke inhalation habits. Somehow, that seems ironic: the only people who made special note of the day are those that dislike it.

Two links for the weary:
10 gadgets to support your lazy lifestyle.

Lastly here's an oldie but goodie from YouTube. It's a wordless animation about origami called Papiroflexia

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