New Year, New Experiences
Posted on January 1st, 2017
Today didn't exactly begin as expected. I had intended to get up early, but by this I meant 8 AM or so. I actually woke up around 2 AM and ended up starting my day.

The big event of the day, and the reason for me getting up early, was that I'd decided to risk attending the local Kingdom Hall. The main issue was, as it's pretty much always been, the fact that I'm basically athropophobic (ie, afraid of other people). Over the past year, I've been hosting a bible study with members of this congregation, and slowly I've met a lot of the people that attend this specific Kingdom Hall. The more I thought about it, the more this seemed like a safe exposure -- it's a lot of people, and thus a lot of input in a short time, but not many of them will be strangers.

The services at the Kingdom Halls are split into two parts. First is a lecture, then it's a bible study from one of the study workbooks. The lecture today was from a guest speaker, and was on a unique topic: which of our senses is the most dangerous? (Answer: sight)

Definitely some food for thought there.

Speaking of food, after the service, the Witnesses that brought me there asked if there was anywhere else I needed to go, so I suggested running a quick errand. There were some groceries we needed, and while I didn't remember the entire list, I was able to get the important things and save us a trip.

Other than this, the majority of the day was spent quietly working on earning achievements in some of the games I have. Long story short, I've decided to take some time and really finish some of the games in my library. Since I have hundreds of games, this isn't going to be too easily done, but I made good progress, earning twelve achievements across three games.

Link of the day: Gossamer summarizes anthropophobia

Introverts and anthropophobics will relate to this scene from the classic Bugs Bunny cartoons.

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