Today's over already?
Posted on April 18th, 2008
Today seems to have gone by rather fast.

I spent the day working with a number of projects. I rewrote the terminal keyboard and video unit to be a lot more compact and set up Necros Cavern with the new unit. I fussed with Project Sailor more, but ultimately didn't get anywhere. I added several new commands to Din. And I also worked with Project Parcae to a limited degree. I also did some backups as I discovered the last back up was from January.

Despite all of that time spent working, I racked up several links for the day.

The first is a news article about the earthquake that hit the American Midwest early yesterday morning. I'm not sure if I felt the quake or not; I woke up at 4:37 AM, used the loo, got a drink and went back to bed -- standard operating procedure when I wake up during the night. So did the quake rouse me or did I just need to pee? Only God knows.

Speaking of drinking and peeing, several states are considering lowering the drinking age to 18. One of the main reasons behind it are that servicemen returning from Iraq can hold lives in their hands but not a pint. The other reason is that the drinking age doesn't stop hardly anyone. I waited until I was over 21 before I tried alcohol, and the taste made me wince faster than a bite of salad. I don't foresee many alcoholic drinks in my future.

One university has found a way to share music and avoid the RIAA. They just keep their file sharing inside the walls rather than out on the internet.

In case you've ever wondered, here's a list of the world's hottest hot sauces. I normally use Tabasco or Red Devil on my food, though I did once have a spoon full of Endorphin Rush (it's far beyond my tolerance limit).

Lastly here's two things on YouTube. First here's an Anime Music Video: She's just oblivious. Second, since I have recently figured out how to use "active sharing", y'all can follow my travels through YouTube. Here's the channel.


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