Let the rookie win
Posted on December 14th, 2016
Last night I mentioned the current event going on with Microsoft Solitaire, and that I was ahead by a fairly good amount. Ultimately, I came in 1st Place, as nobody was able to complete the challenges fast enough to overtake my lead.

Another event began today, and after looking it over I noticed that every challenge is rated Easy. I decided not to participate this round, hence the title for this entry.

There are a lot of people playing, and it's obvious that there is a large range of skill levels among the players. I kind of hope there will be a tier ranking system in the future -- skilled player against skilled player, newbie against newbie -- because right now the beginners don't have much of a chance. To put things in perspective, the top times for this challenge were under an hour, but the average player took an hour and a half or longer. Some players took four hours to finish. That's not really a fair spread.

But, card games only accounted for a few minutes at the beginning of my day. The rest of the morning actually involved a long trip out to the local parks to get photos of the new snowfall and the frozen rivers. After that, we stopped by Subway to pick up lunch.

During lunch we watched both a slideshow of the pictures we had taken and a Christmas concert that our DVR recorded. After I'd finished eating, I started working on moving files on my tablet. The main focus was just moving apps off of the internal hard drive and onto the new micro SD card, which should help with performance issues. Unfortunately, something is wrong with one of the programs I moved, so I'll have to try uninstalling/reinstalling it again.

What little of the day remained after that was spent working on touching up reviews and moving things along for GMG. I was going to work on a pony blog today, but simply ran out of time.

Link of the day: Boomer in the ball pit

Even kittens like to play in a pool of plastic balls.

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